Tiny terror at bedroom level?


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Hi Chappers and other Orange fans...

We all know that the tiny terror is in fact a tone machine that can get over the drummer and delivers a massive amount of volume. But my question is at the oposite...

I live in appartement and I saw some review saying that in fact this baby need to be cranked damn loud (like every tube amp) to sounds good, and that this is not a good choice for a practice/appartement amp. Do you agree with that. I allready have a 100 watts marshall which I fight with to be able to play in my appartement (I know it's stupid but with my band this thing sings!!!) and I was looking for a TT as an emergency kit (in case something goes wrong with the Marshall at gig) and as a practice amp with all the tonal qualities of a full tube head but that sound great at bedroom volume (can't say that for the Marshall).

On the other hand, I saw tons of reviews saying that the rockerverb 50 is incredible even at low volume... even better than the TT? I love the sound of the RV50 but this is not the same price tag at all...

wow... opinions are welcome!
yeah, if the TT is too loud for bedroom play then your not going to be able get a tube amp that isn't. I mean, it does have to be pretty loud, but if you can get your 100w past like 2 then the TT shouldn't be a problem. And you can get a really nice crunchy sound with the volume and gain at 50%. If you need more a od pedal can always provide that. So i say go for it, and maybe your TT will replace that marshall ;), But if you have a chance try out the rockerverb, but that might defeat the purpose of low volumes, if it sounds good though, go for it.


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I'm not sure you'll be able to find a tube amp where you can get a decent tone out of it in your bedroom, and then be able to use it as a backup at a gig.

If you want just bedroom use maybe an epi vj combo? Small speaker = wattage, valve and they sound alright.

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Hi mate the Rockerverb 50 is just different, more saturated with gain but less textural... The TT will be fine at bedroom level for anything apart from maybe black death metal...

Alternativley try the Zvex nano head