The 'What's your latest purchase' thread (or 'I'm a shameless consumer')


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I bought a couple of things today.
A hue motion sensor, an off brand lightbulb that's compatible with hue, and a socket switch that's compatible with hue.
The result is that the light in my shed now turns on automatically. The lightbulb is cheaper then the hue ambient bulbs but it's just white light. Where the ambient bulbs can do a lot more tones from bright blueish white to pure white to yellow. So while I won't be using the cheaper bulbs in my living room for hallways and the shed it's perfect.
I'm really happy with the switch too. It means the design lamp we have in the living room that has a leds instead of a bulb is now turned on and off with all the other lights.
Dirt cheap and I love how it sounds.


And she was not cheap this week, but I love her a helluva lot more. :heart:


Mitzi's had a cough the last couple of weeks, figured it was an allergy. But last weekend she sounded rough and was up in the middle of the night with a phlegmy sounding fit. Took her to the vet and she did a full-spectrum blood analysis and x-rays. :eek::confused:
Fortunately the little floor monkey is in fantastic health, if a bit overweight. :p She could lose about 3 pounds.
It wasn't a collapsed trachea, which is common in her breed, or heart disease or lung problems.
Vet says it's bronchitis brought on by allergies and prescribed a short-term steroid/antihistamine combo for her. It's good to know she's an otherwise healthy little pup. :) Also got a couple of air purifiers for the room she stays around most of the day and in the bedroom. Should also help.