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Left the house half an hour earlier today. Still barely made it on time to work, which of course is better than being 20 minutes late. There's one traffic jam caused by a bridge that's out. There's still 2 lanes in each direction, but they are very narrow and are all piled up on one side of the road. So 4 lanes are now on the space of 2.

But lately there's been another jam further on my way and I cannot figure out why it's there. It's always been busy, but you would never have to come to a complete stop there. It's causing more and more accidents and making me lose a lot of time.


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Well this happened yesterday, but it's still pissing me off!

I dropped my Z4MR off at a BMW specialist yesterday morning, to have an annual service and MOT. As I got out of the car, it was pointed out to me how bad my car was leaning to the right. It's had a slight lean pretty much from the moment I got it. The rear springs are notorious for breaking on the BMW E46 M3 Cab and the Z4MR, so I wasn't too surprised it had happened. I should have noticed the rattling I was hearing when the car was running, was actually the broken section of the springs doing it. My Poppa's M3 was exactly the same when his rear springs went, but this was just the first of a number of "issues". Once on the ramps, the BMW specialist we use for the M cars found a number of problems, starting with the brake lines were rusted pretty badly and needed replacing, then discovered the steering column/rack needs replacing, the mounts for the front suspension have split on the right side and there was enough play in the shocks that it too has to be replaced. My heart sank when I was told what had been discovered.

My poor mum got really sick to death with just how much money Poppa was spending on the upkeep of his BMW E46 M3 Individual Convertible. It needed so much work to get it up to a good overall standard. When I told her I wanted to get a Z4M, which shares a lot of key parts from the E46 M3/ M3 CSL, she really wasn't keen on the idea at first, but as a rule of thumb, the Z4M's are pretty bulletproof. Thankfully most of the list is for parts that will need replacing at 100,000 miles. Another plus is that my Z4MR has been really trouble free the last 12 months I've owned it and my folks see the difference the car has made for my own "quality of life" , so after chatting with the garage owner who was working on my car, he said that everything else about the car was really impressive and the overall value of the car, made it worth while doing, rather than pissing the money away in the wind. I was apologising to my mum, as I didn't want to upset her over my car, but she told "ME" not to get upset about it and it was not a problem and it' getting fixed. Still after the stress my mum had with Poppa's M3 Cab, I felt so shitty all of yesterday.

Yes I know I am lucky to have them, especially as I'm not only an only child, but adopted too. So while there is a positive ending to all of this, I'm still not happy that I didn't twig earlier about the springs being fucked.

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This might be long, but it really has me going crazy. At work, I work closely with a female Business Analyst, but we never sat near each other. We would have meetings at my area, etc., and never had a problem. On several occasions, I would pass by her desk, and she would be sitting at her desk with a 12" fan blowing on her left side. There was a stench of body odor permeating from her area into the main area. Since it wasn't directly effecting me, I never complained about it.

I heard that we would be moving, and the preliminary seating arrangement had her sitting in the vicinity. I called and asked the Director to not sit her there, and explained why. He said he would take care of it. That was a month ago.

That all changed on Thursday. They moved my group to a new area, and the director put her about 8 feet from me, to my left. The fan, is still on her left, which blows that horrific stench toward me. I fucking almost lost my mind. I was in contact with the Director throughout the day, complaining of the stench.

I normally do not take lunch. I usually grab something, and eat at my desk, while continuing my work.

On Friday, I took a 2 hour lunch. I got up to get something for lunch. I began to bring it back to my desk, and got about 15 feet away, and the waft of body odor hit me (yes, that far away), so I turned around, and ate in the pantry. I had no intention of going back to my desk, certainly wasn't eating there.

So, on Monday, I have to go to Human Resources and file a formal complaint. I am filing one on her, and also my director for not handling the situation when I told him about it a month ago.

I am fucking livid. It's actually having an affect on me this weekend. I am on edge, and absolutely fuming that I'm expected to endure this. We have a great working relationship, because I never had to deal with the body odor stench. I know this is going to cause friction, but I have no choice. It HAS to be fixed. Fucking mix in a shower and some deodorant FFS. This is a job, not a fucking gym.
If I did it myself, I could actually get in trouble.
This is where I'm stupid as I'd have had that chat by now.

I'm the dull bugger who gets nominated to have the uncomfortable talk because 'senior', 'sensible' and 'sensitive' apparrently, so just as well get in first.

You are right though - ridiculous situation for you just because your director is avoiding the discussion he needs to have.


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Not sure why but I came out in hives last night for the first time ever. All over my bingo wings and down the sides of my body.

This meant a bad night sleep ahead of a meeting jam packed Monday in the office.

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