The "What pissed you off today" thread


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I used to work in a store while in college..
At some point the owner noticed that some payments weren't being made and he dug into it. He found out a guy purchased stuff multiple times with the same card that cleared on the machine, but then never put any oney on the store account. I don't know the details of how this worked.
What's more, that same guy ordered 3 more pc's. So he called the cops and the credit card company. They essentially said "ok well if you have the guy, call us and we'll come pick him up."
So we spend a day working with a couple of guys the size of small cars playing cards in the back. When the guy came in they grabbed him. He tried to struggle and free until they offered him to break both his hands.

Another time the owner put an add in the paper with pictures like this asking for information on these "witnesses" of theft. Law here doesn't allow you to call them thieves so his lawyer adviced him to put it like this. When I left that store they made me a scrapbook and that add was in it. It's still funny :)
Went into GC to browse. They're doing a big sale right now and among a lot of really cool stuff, they had one of the red sparkle Squier bullet teles that are on sale for $130. Then I noticed a second one with matching red headstock and humbuckers also with a sale tag for $130. I took it up hoping that was the case. When the guy checked the price it came up $350. Someone had either mis-tagged it or a customer had swapped the tag from the sale one to it. I laughed because it did seem too good a price. More than anything I felt like a goon thinking that was the case and it was really that cheap. The rep offered me 20% off for the mistake, but I figure if I'm gonna lay out $300 for a guitar, I'll just wait until I have some more and get something really worthwhile. And I already have one of the bullet teles. I like it, but I prefer each guitar I have to be something different than the others.
Yeah, forget about all that. :D

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I don't know if it was a general problem but I couldn't get onto this forum for a while yesterday and I realised just how much I look in at work between jobs to stave off boredom. So yay for the RCF and boo for work.
You aren't alone.
Same here. My mid-morning cup of tea wasn't the same without you:hug:
It's always crap when the forum goes down, it's the only place on the internet I like. I spent time on Facebook yesterday instead and it annoyed the hell out of me! People are much nicer here.