The "What pissed you off today" thread


Subtly not giving a F*ck
I've been hoping that PRS would come out with an SE version of their hollowbody guitars for some time, as I really wanted one but I didn't really want to pay five grand for it. A week ago, I cracked and ordered one that Anderton's had secondhand because it was a cheaper option (at only €2699), and looked really nice (and to be fair, it is really nice!).


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Went into GC to browse. They're doing a big sale right now and among a lot of really cool stuff, they had one of the red sparkle Squier bullet teles that are on sale for $130. Then I noticed a second one with matching red headstock and humbuckers also with a sale tag for $130. I took it up hoping that was the case. When the guy checked the price it came up $350. Someone had either mis-tagged it or a customer had swapped the tag from the sale one to it. I laughed because it did seem too good a price. More than anything I felt like a goon thinking that was the case and it was really that cheap. The rep offered me 20% off for the mistake, but I figure if I'm gonna lay out $300 for a guitar, I'll just wait until I have some more and get something really worthwhile. And I already have one of the bullet teles. I like it, but I prefer each guitar I have to be something different than the others.


Subtly not giving a F*ck
And without getting into the politics of it. It's a huge clusterfuck. I have a couple of turkish coworkers and the whole situation is so sensitive that I've had to end discussions about it a couple of times already.
I have one as well. We've been avoiding these types of conversations with him for years now, because it gets to a point where it becomes a disturbance and very annoying.


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I use Tapatalk almost exclusively and when I just tried to view the forum I had a message that they noticed suspicious activity from my account and I needed to verify I wasn’t a robot.

Anybody else?

Was I Hacked? Grr...

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I got it for the first time yesterday. I thought it was my phone but my pc did it too. logoff and logon and all was well again.

Maybe I should figure out that tapatalk stuff sometime.