The "What pissed you off today" thread

This is the Seafoam Green Les Paul Standard as advertised by Gibson:

This is the Seafoam Green Les Paul Thomann used for their photos:

sfg les paul.jpg

That is not a finished guitar. Should have been sent back to Gibson or sold as B-stock.

bad alice

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A trip to the hospital to get my ankle checked out happened a couple of days ago.
Long story short; I injured it around 5 years ago, then had surgery involving drilling bones and stuff, and post surgery it still hurts enough at the end of the day to require ice packs.
Turns out my recent MRI shows that there’s nothing obviously causing the pain
And that, most likely, it’s chronic pain that can sometimes be a legacy of intrusive surgery so a pain management clinic will be happening.
I’m okay with this in that I understand that not everything heals completely and to finally feel that after years of being bumped from physio to physio (with no decrease in the pain) I might find a way to better manage the pain levels feels like a genuine step (see what I...;)) forward.
What wasn’t so great and COMPLETELY unexpected:eek: was when the Consultant causally mentioned that he’d looked at an MRI I’d had back in 2011 of my back and that as that MRI showed that a good number of my discs (neck and lower back) are showing signs of damage/potential disease he thinks another MRI of my back needs to happen pronto.
That I’ve been having significant lower back and neck pain increasingly over the last few years suddenly feels rather worrying...
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Orrr, you can wait a few months. Rumors are there will be another meeting in June were the MI industry will be exempt from CITES rules when it comes to Rosewood. Free trade is allowed again after that. There is no rumor yet on when this will be effective, though.

It's the same now for Mahogany. Mahogany is also a CITES wood, but MI is allowed to trade. The volume of Mahogany and Rosewood used in MI is just a fraction of the total market compared to that of furniture makers, so there's no point in all the extra work and costs. Most Rosewood in MI is actually grown by guitar factories themselves, so no natural forests are chopped down for it.