The "What pissed you off today" thread


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My local docs. Perscribing a f**king cream to my poor granddad for a bloody broken elbow.
Poor bugger has been rubbing it in (which sodding hurt) for two weeks too.
Jeeeeeesus! :oops:


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My PC crashed and the hard disk was wiped :(
I'm reinstalling everything, and i've lost all my photos, music, software and games. :(
It'll take me months to get back what I amassed over 4 years, I guess I should have gotten a back-up drive, which I will now, but still

Can't really say anything pissed me off, but I've been in a real shit mood for about a week now and the option of taking a vacation day to mellow out isn't possible because my boss quit. I decided to hit McDonalds to grab some food on the way home - and it was gone. Seriously - the whole stinking building was gone!?! Just a big McD's sign and a torn up lot - even the parking lot was torn up. That mildly irritated me, but the amusement factor kept it from reaching a pissed off level.