The what are you watching on TV? (or iplayer or 4od etc.) Thread

bad alice

Easily distracted and...OHLOOKAGUITAR!!!
M&I are getting right into BBC’s FatherMotherSon (starring Richard Gere*)

*or C*ntyW*ankBastard as we now know his character

bad alice

Easily distracted and...OHLOOKAGUITAR!!!
Fleabag Series 2
90% of the first episode takes place around a table in a restaurant.
It is utterly SUPERB
And a testament to how sudden switches between drama and pathos plus fantastic actors and an incredible script can bring a fairly static scenario so gloriously to life.
Plus it does it in a way that the majority of us will identify with in one way or another.
Oh god yes.


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Seinfeld...yes Seinfeld.

I ended up with a free month of Amazon Prime in order to be able to place an order for a Lego set I wanted which was Prima exclusive. Decided to try Prime Video. Screw new content. I'm rewatching Seinfeld the coming 3 weeks.


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Ed o'Brien of radiohead was on that pedal show. It counts like a tv show because it was almost 90 minutes.
At first I thought it would be way too long but man that's a nice guy.. Very inspiring to see how he approaches music and sound.

bad alice

Easily distracted and...OHLOOKAGUITAR!!!
Tickled (Netflix)
You’re going in thinking this is going to be a weird/fun/stooopid documentary about the bonkers world of Competitive Tickling
Uh huh, you heard.
And then the journalisn’t investigating gets a super agressive-fhhk-off-homophobic letter back when he makes his initial “Hey, so what’s Competitive Tickling all about then?”
His journo radar goes TING and we’re off!
No spoilers.
But I will say that I thought I kinda had my head around how people can be on this planet.
And it’s NOT a sexual thing, in case you’re wondering (cuz that’s what I was initially assuming too)
But I guess...


People will always surprise you.
And in this case?
Not in a good way.
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