The what are you watching on TV? (or iplayer or 4od etc.) Thread


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i thought this might be a good thread to start, basically just say what your watching on tv (or if your watching tv online). the last thing i watched on tv was series 3 of harry and paul. ive been kinda let down with the latest series compared to the past ones, but there was a few funny sketches. my favourite one of the series is this one...

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Recycling! :D

After getting through the glory that was Marvel's Defenders on Netflix, we were feeling a void of entertainment. Mrs. Beans, however, picked another Netflix winner. It's called Ozark, starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney.

Bateman plays a financial planner who, after shit goes very much sideways, convinces a drug kingpin to spare his life and those of his family, on the promise that he will launder $500 million for the cartel over 5 years. He moves the family from Chicago to a small town on the vast shores of the Ozarks in Missouri, planning to use the various small businesses, and the many visitors to the area, to keep his insanely unrealistic promise.

It premiered in July. It's dark and dramatic, pretty fucking grim at times. 10 episodes, with another 10 already greenlit for next year. Bateman directed the first 2 and last 2 eps of the series.


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I really struggle to find anything worth watching........ at the moment it's Bake Off and Come Dine With Me. :) We cancelled Sky a few months ago, and the only thing I miss is the Rugby.


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I am one of the few Non-GoT watchers lol
I've been spamming Visual-Kei concerts recently, namely Sugizo (of X-Japan and Luna Sea fame) and LM.C
Ray Donavan , preacher ( amazing ) , the strain. Re watching the last season of the walking dead in preparation.

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Caught a couple of episodes of American Crime Story. It's pretty good.
Veep. Whose Line is it Anyway. GoT. Rick & Morty.
Tempted to reboot Metalocalypse again.

Just started............. Ren and Stimpy. From the beginning.
Man, that takes me back. Ze good old days. Ren & Stimpy; Ed, Edd n' Eddy, Samurai Jack and Spongebob.

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Mount Pleasant. I hadn't heard about it until last week but I'm on season three by now. I quite like it, it's just people doing normal stuff for the most part and I think that's a nice change of pace to stuff we usually watch here. I needed a light hearted comedy and it hit the spot.

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Re-watching Babylon 5 on DVD. The wife and I go through this about every 5 or 10 years and always gain some new insight on the story. Peter Jurasik's acting ("Londo Mollari") is incredible. . .

The early computer graphics are a bit humorous. . .