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The covers a bit too close to the original, it would have been nice to see them do something a little different.
We checked it out yesterday. My wife was actually curious about the band used in the video, because one of the kids from Stranger Things leads it. I said the same thing about the song, it's not a cover, it's a copy. Covers are supposed to either reflect style of the band redoing it, or reimagine the original in some significant way. I've never listened to Weezer, and Mrs. Beans had to find me a couple of songs I finally recognized. Meh.

But that's what led me to the young guitar player and the video I posted in the other thread. She's a badass.


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Arguably as valid as it was allthose years ago? Whatever, it's a fuckin amazing thrash song,

Edit* Forgot how awesome the album is, 35 mins(ish) of pure pedal to the metal.