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I've never actually heard this album before today, it sounds pretty heavy for Kiss. I quite like it, it's got more than a little Alice In Chains in there!

Yeah, KISS has often been a willing victim of their times. Keyboards, grunge, disco...
But that's okay, they're KISS. :D

Listened to the new Smashing Pumpkins today. The Mrs. got it, along with some other swag, to prepare for the upcoming show in Dec.
It's short and uninspired. The 2 singles they released are the only decent songs on there. I figure they just decided to put something out quickly to help support their tour, not that it's necessary. There's more than enough Pumpkins music for them to choose from. But, whatever. Doesn't hurt at this point either. Fans will be happy for something new, and it's not gonna tarnish their catalog any.


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I've had an Ugly Kid Joe kinda day today. Oompa is just great fun and GDD has an amazing solo which I've always loved. These take me back to my teenhood again.

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If you like UKJ, did you ever listen to ‘Another Animal’? Whitfield Crane with the band members of Godsmack.

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