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Thanks. Sources for written info? Am a complete customisation novice, so trying to get as much info as possible before starting out on a couple of projects I have in mind.
I can relate. I did loads of reading before I stripped my Epi.
Turns out I've deleted all my bookmarks, so can't help with that. I'll summarize what I do know.

3 ways to go about removing poly - sanding / chemical strippers / heat gun & scraper.
Chemical strippers
Pros: Little physical labor
Cons: Fumes, Messy, Some poly finishes are unaffected even by industrial grade stuff

Pros: Controllable
Cons: Shitload of dust (use a mask!), time consuming, might leave deep marks in the wood if you're not careful

Heat gun + Scraper
Pros: Quickest, least messy of the three methods when done right
Cons: Might burn the wood underneath, flying shards of hot poly, might loosen glued parts

I wouldn't go with the heat gun if I was planning on a trans finish.
I'll leave the details to be googled.


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Heat gun is probably going to be the best way forward for now I think, and no need to worry about wood scorching as one project will be a solid colour refinish and the other will be getting a veneer.

Thanks fella.