The Super Strat thread


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Instead of a carefully balanced set of pickups i've opted for a SD 59 in the neck and a Bare Knuckle War Pig the bridge. I'll update with real photos tomorrow.


Tom 1.0

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In order of appearance..

J Custom rg1880 the one they copied for yours. First of the J Customs. Mine was 1 of 24.


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Mmm, superstrats. I love them dearly - in many ways, they're the most practical/versatile electric guitars available. My Legacy's got upgraded pickups, but it's not really a superstrat, I think. I would love to own a JEM or other HSH-routed Ibanez as well as a Jackson Dinky. Washburn N4s are lovely, too - the neck joint is just about the coolest innovation ever.

David R Ferguson

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God I want a cheap guitar just so I can tear it apart, put a bunch of lights into it, and put it back together. Always loved guitars with lights.
I am not sure what this one started out. I been piecing it together and wrecking it for years.
Right now its got a kill switch and 3 way coil split in it. Stainless 6100 frets and 10" radius board. The neck is a modern c shape. And it has a brass trem-block in it too.
The body is alder.

Its fun to beat on.