The Purple Guitar Appreciation Thread


I... I like trees.
They are, but the Tortoise kind of ruins it for me. I really don't like tortoise.
You can get other Pacifica scratchplates.
You know, there are even websites to pick your own, based on an existing one, or even mail yours in, if they don't have a template.
Worth it, if you like everything else about the guitar.


I... I like trees.
I considered switching out the Chrome hardware on mine for Black, but decided to stick with Chrome. I might be regretting that decision now....
For me... Black/Dark Nickel is the way to go. The perfect balance of the right things for purple.
ESP usually goes black, or black nickel, and I respect this.
I also put Bare Knuckles in my purple beast (oh my) and they have Aged Nickel and regular Nickel covers, and it looks fantastic with the black hardware (to me, at least), so a blend of nickel and black or chrome and black can work, sometimes.

Just do you, basically. If you like Chrome... go Chrome.*

*Disclaimer: I would not like the soft, satin purple finished guitar above NEARLY as much, if it did not have Black hardware... in fact, I may not like it at all, since I only kinda like it, as-is. Not my favorite purple, but the black improves it.**

**Colors are hard.