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Had a couple of NPD since last posting my board I've changed the setup so here goes.

On my homemade board I have OD and fuzz pedals that go to 2 amps via the Gigrig midi 8 switcher. I also have the switcher setup to switch the Boss/JHS from Blues driver to Angry Charlie.
Pedals are RYRA Klone, Digitech Bad Monkey, Moondriver (RAT based OD pedal), Thorpyfx The Veteran Fuzz, Boss/JHS angry driver and Hello Sailor Effects Kossoff drive. Really need a custom patch cable kit to tidy this all up. It's on my list.

Then between the switcher and one of my amp is modulation board which is Digitech Ventura, TC Vortex Flanger, Boss Digital Dimension DC-3, Digitech Obscura delay, TC mini HOF, Boss Looper RC-2.

I use my Peavey classic 30 on the clean channel for the modulation effects and the Evil Robot on the low gain channel.

Keep thinking about a stereo rig one day. Maybe.

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Thinking I'd like to swapout the mini HOF for a digitech Polaris Reverb pedal. But they going for way too much currently on auction sites.

Gutted I didn't pull the trigger on a Digitech Supernatural reverb that sold for £100. Meant to be amazing. Just didn't have the £££.
I've had my Joyo Aquarius and Atmosphere together on my main plank for a while and asked myself why I relegated the Polara to #2. It was just so the Joyos could be next to each other :hug: so I fixed that. Though I really do appreciate the Atmosphere a great deal, the Polara is just better.



That's not new, its always been there.
go to @ 7:38 on this video - then ask yourself, "why don't i own an Angel Wing?"

"Because a used one hasn't appeared at Richtone " would be my answer. Those pedals are so cheap, but so very solid and good that picking them up when they appear is a no brainer.. Interesting that he liked the Durple, but not the Mandragora on which its based (less gain and modded eq I think) (the mandragora is based on the Lovepedal Kalamazoo)