The Pacifica Project (finished)


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@Robstafarian also likes Tony's stuff and has spoken to him via the comments section of his videos as well as me. We both think Tony is a good source of info and we both find Tony very likeable.
That is the first time I have been name dropped in the middle of another name drop. Whereas I have found fault with some of Tony's reasoning, as stated in some videos, I would gladly sit down for a chat with him.


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That is the first time I have been name dropped in the middle of another name drop. Whereas I have found fault with some of Tony's reasoning, as stated in some videos, I would gladly sit down for a chat with him.
He's good fun to correspond with, which I've done for a few years now. He got his Silver Jubilee because I recommended it to him, when I was giving him an update on my kit. He was blown away by how well the Jubilee sits with his other Marshall amps in his collection.
Thinking of going with the 6150 frets.

Are harley benton tuners good? They sell locking tuners for 39 euro. I once bought straplocks from them, and they are doing their job great. I don't know about quality because i don't have anything to compare it to.

I can also buy second hand non-locking gotoh tuners for 50 euro.
I made a list of what the guitar is going to cost. it's now 610 euro without pickups. Need to think how i'm going to realize that.

maybe i can get a second hand guitar with decent hardware for a good price and take the hardware of that, or maybe take the hardware of my pacifica and replace it with better parts piece by piece. What do you guys think.

I was planning to buy a fender mid boost kit for the electronics. Do you guys know if it has low impedance?

lso thinking of putting a tele rout in the middle position of the body becuase i never use the middle position and like a tele sound.

I don't know what pickups to choose. If I buy cheap pickups, I think I'm going to replace them later because i don't like them, that would be just a waste of money.

I was thinking of seymour duncan. looking for a medium/high output pickup. I quickly listened through them all and thought the JB soundedn best.

then i need a tele pickup (or strat if you guys don't think a tele pickup in the middle is a good idea) and a singlecoil in the neck. looking for a really rounded/glassy tone in the neck with medium/vintage output.
Ok. It has been a while.... almost 2 years actually:eek:, jezus time flew fast! But, it's finished for the most part now! I'm planning to swap out the pickups and bridge later. I wanted to finsh off this thread, there are plenty out there that never show the finished product, but I didn't want it to be like that.

First, take off the neck and take out the frets! It was quite exciting, doing this for the first time.

New inlays

re-radius from 14 to 9,5

Then, I decided I wanted to do something about the headstock shape. IMHO it was really ugly...

After a lot of sanding and sawing, finished with a fineer, it looks like this:

Here are some pics of the finished guitar:



The hardest part was the refretting, I still have some fretbuzz above the 12th frets. I need to level some extra there, little tip for anyone also doing this for the first time :). I also gave it some new tuners, kluson locking tuners. They are really nice actually, the price was like.. 30 euro. I also put some straplocks on there.

I always don't like how guitarbrands don't finish the trem cavity properly, I fixed that by sanding it out with a dremel and giving it some oil. I also put some shrinkwrap around the springs so it won't ring out, It actually works really wel and looks neat! Nice tip again.

I rewired the guitar with a superswitch and a push pull pot. I also shielded the guitar. config is like this:

1: bridge
2: neck and middle in parallel
3: middle
4: neck and middle in series
5: neck

The push pull pot is for putting the middle and neck out of phase, but I don't really enjoy that sound. I do enjoy the middle and neck in series though!! really cool sound!

Total cost was about, 150 euro. The guitar I bought second hand for 125, but now I have quite a cool guitar for not a lot of money. I'm happy with it!