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    Okay, after some debate I decided to put this thread up. It would be appreciated if a mod could sticky this?

    This is the thread for discussion of overdrive / distortion pedals. Please check out this thread before posting a question on something that might be covered here, hopefully this turns into a useful resource.

    If you are a owner of one of these pedals please PM me and I will add your name to the list (to save from hundreds of posts saying, I have such and such pedal) If you have a review of a pedal post it here, and I'll link to it from this post, make sense? Also please let me know if you no longer own a pedal you state to have owned, so I can remove your name from the list.

    I will arrange all of the pedals into an alphabetical list, hopefully this can provide a useful resource for those wishing to buy/know more about, such and such a pedal.

    Okay, so lets get underway.


    Biyang OD-7 - Read The Review
    Reviewed By Adji
    Owned By Adji
    BK Butler Tube Driver Read The Review
    Reviewed By Stearner
    Owned By Stearner
    Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion - Read The Review
    Reviewed By Adji
    Owned By Adji
    Digitech Hardwire CM-2 - Read The Review
    Reviewed By Griffo
    Owned By Griffo
    Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi - Read The Review
    Reviewed By Adji
    Owned By Adji
    Electro-Harmonix Nano Series LPB-1 Linear Power Boost - Read The Review
    Reviewed By Ernesto
    Owned By Ernesto
    Ibanez TS-9 - Read The Review
    Reviewed By Adji
    Owned By Adji
    Marshall Guvnor -Read The Review
    Reviewed By Shady Dave
    Owned By Ernesto
    Modtone DynoDrive - Read The Review
    Reviewed By Adji
    Owned By Adji
    RAT Turbo Rat - Read The Review
    Reviewed By ShadyDave
    Owned By (Currently No Owners On Board)
    Xotic Effects BB Preamp Read The Review
    Reviewed By Stearner
    Owned By Stearner


    PS - You may submit a review for a pedal that has already been reviewed, but try to do the review differently so there are not 100 reviews of the TS-9 which all say the same thing?

    If you have any questions about these pedals that are not answered in the reviews, feel free to drop a Private Message to any of the 'owner's' listen who I am sure will be willing to help you out.

    Here is an ever-growing list of all of the distortion/overdrive/fuzz or dirty boost pedals we come across. This list was initially created by Shady Dave, I have edited the list and made many additions, this was still Shady's idea.
    I have created a copy of this on my computer and will update it when I come across new pedals. I will then post the updated list here every couple of days. This has taken a lot of work, hope its useful to you guys.


    Aria TD-1 Platinum Drive Tube Distortion

    Behringer VT-911 Vintage Tube Overdrive
    Behringer VT-999 Vintage Tube Monster
    Big Tone Music Six Of Swords
    Biyang OTD-100 Pro
    Biyang OTD-100 Standard
    Biyang OTD-100 Value
    BK Butler Tube Driver
    Blackstar HT-Boost
    Blackstar HT-Drive
    Blackstar HT-Distortion
    Blackstar HT-DistortionX
    Blackstar HT-Dual

    Damage Control Womanizer
    Damage Control Demonizer
    Damage Control Solid Metal
    Damage Control Liquid Blues

    Effectrode Tube Drive Overdrive
    Electro-Harmonix Hot Tubes
    Electro-Harmonix English Muff'n
    Electro-Harmonix Tube Zipper Distortion

    Fuchs The Valve Job

    Hermida Audio Zen Drive II
    Hughes and Kettner Tube Factor
    Hughes and Kettner Tubeman
    Hughes and Kettner Tubeman MKII

    Ibanez Tube King

    Maxon ROD880 Real Overdrive
    Maxon ROD811 Real Overdrive/Distortion
    Maxon TBO-9 True Tube Booster
    Maxon TOD-9 True Tube Overdrive
    Mesa Boogie V Twin

    Nady TD-1

    Ovaltone Azure Dragon Tube Drive

    Radial Tonebone Classic
    Radial Tonebone Plexitube
    Radial Tonebone Trimode
    Radial Tonebone Hot British
    Rocktron Silver Dragon

    Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Classic
    Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Mayhem


    Analogman Beano Boost
    Analogman Sunface Fuzz
    Analogman King Of Tone (KOT)
    Analogman Peppermint Fuzz
    Analogman Sunlion Fuzz
    Antelope Effects Lovelight Overdrive
    Aramat Effects Green Machine
    Artec SE-BOD Blues Overdrive
    Artec SE-SLD Soloist Distortion
    Artec SE-CRM Crazy Metal
    Artec SE-7DB 70's Drive Blender
    Artec SE-DDB Duo Drive Blender
    Artec TWH-1 Twinhead
    Artec CDV-1 Cooldrive
    Artec FZT-1 Fuzztown
    Austone Electronics Millenium Overdrive
    Austone Electronics FuzzNutz
    Award Session Solo Booster
    Award Session Analogue DR Pre-amp

    Barber Burn Unit
    Barber LTD SR Overdrive
    Barber LTD Classic
    Barber Small Fry
    Barber Direct Drive
    Barber Direct Drive LG (Low Gain)
    Barber Tone Pump
    Barber Trifecta Fuzz
    Barber Dirty Bomb
    Barber Launch Pad
    Barber Custom Cool
    Barber Super Sport
    Barge Concepts MB-1 The Grinder
    Barge Concepts BP-1 Harmonic Percolator
    Barge Concepts DB-3 Dual Boost
    Barge Concepts BB Junior
    Barge Concepts BB-1 Standard
    BBE Green Screamer
    BBE Boosta Grande
    BBE Crusher
    BBE Free Fuzz
    Behringer BO-100 Blues Overdrive
    Behringer BOD-100 Bass Overdrive
    Behringer BOD-400 Bass Overdrive
    Behringer DM-100 Distortion Modeller
    Behringer FD-300 Ultra Feedback/Distortion
    Behringer HD-300 Heavy Distortion
    Behringer HM-300 Heavy Metal Distortion
    Behringer OD-100 Overdrive
    Behringer OD-300 Overdrive
    Behringer OD-400 Overdrive
    Behringer PB-100 Preamp/Booster
    Behringer PO-300 Power Overdrive
    Behringer SF-300 Super Fuzz
    Behringer SM-400 Super Metal
    Behringer TM-300 Tube Amp Modeller
    Behringer TO-100 Tube Overdrive
    Behringer TO-800 Vintage Tube Overdrive
    Behringer UD-100 Ultra Distortion
    Behringer UM-100 Ultra Metal
    Behringer UM-300 Ultra Metal
    Behringer UZ-400 Ultra Fuzz
    Behringer VD-1 Vintage Distortion
    Behringer WD-300 Warp Distortion
    Behringer XD-300 Distortion-X
    Belcat DST-301 Distortion
    Belcat OVD-502 Overdrive
    Belcat OVD-302 Overdrive
    Belcat DST-501 Distortion
    Belcat FUZ-510 Fuzz
    Big John Granny Puker
    Big John Hairy Balls
    Biyang OD-7
    Biyang OD-8
    Biyang BL-8
    Biyang DS-7
    Biyang DS-8
    Biyang DS-9
    Biyang Metal End
    Biyang FZ-7
    Biyang NM-2 Super Metal
    Biyang DS-3
    Biyang NM-2 Metal Effect
    Biyang DS-1 Distortion Effect
    BJFe Honey Bee
    Blackcat OD-1
    Blackout Effectors The Twosome
    Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz
    Blackout Effectors Fix'd Fuzz
    Boot-Leg Hizumi Distortion / Fuzz
    Boostswitch Tonemaster Mullard OC44
    Boostswitch The Dogz!
    Boostswitch Clean Boost
    Boostswitch The Original
    Boostswitch Tonemaster OC44K
    Boostswitch Vintage Fuzz
    Boostswitch Valve Boost 12AX7
    Boss DS-1 Distortion
    Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion
    Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
    Boss DN-2 DynaDrive
    Boss FZ-5 Fuzz
    Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion
    Boss ML-2 Metal Core
    Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
    Boss OD-3 Overdrive
    Boss OS-2 Overdrive Distortion
    Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive
    Bumbox Bust

    Carl Martin PlexiTone
    Carl Martin Hot Drive MKI, MKII, MKIII
    Carl Martin Drive and Boost
    Carl Martin Contour and Boost
    Carl Martin The Fuzz
    Carl Martin Crunch Drive
    Carl Martin Rock Drive
    Carl Martin Heavy Drive
    Carl Martin AC Tone
    Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret
    Catalinbread Supercharged OD
    Catalinbread Super Chilli Picoso
    Catalinbread Serrano Picoso
    Catalinbread SFT
    Catalinbread Teaser Stallion
    Catalinbread Heliotripe
    Catalinbread Vari'O'Boost
    CMAT Mods Signa Drive
    CMAT Mods Butah Drive
    CMAT Mods Brownie Overdrive
    CMAT Mods The Black Plague
    CMAT Mods Boost
    CMAT Mods Tube Slammer
    Coopersonic Valveslapper
    Coopersonic DirtBox
    Cornell The First Fuzz
    Cornell OD Special
    Cornell T+M Boost
    Crazy Tube Circuits Black Magic
    Crazy Tube Circuits Ziggy Drive
    Crazy Tube Circuits Ziggy Ltd.
    Crazy Tube Circuits Starlight Overdrive
    Crazy Tube Circuits Viagra Boost
    Creation Audio Labs Holy Fire Overdrive
    Creation Audio Labs MK.4.23 Boost
    Crowther Audio Double HotCake Distortion
    Crowther Audioe Prunes and Custard
    Crowther Audio Hotcake
    Cusack Screamer Fuzz Overdrive
    Cusack Screamer Overdrive
    Cusack More Louder

    Danelectro Cool Cat Transparent Overdrive
    Danelectro Cool Cat Metal
    Danelectro Cool Cat Fuzz
    Danelectro Cool Cat Drive
    Danelectro Cool Cat Distortion
    Danelectro Metal II
    Danelectro FAB Distortion
    Danelectro FAB Metal
    Danelectro FAB Overdrive
    Danelectro Pastrami Overdrive
    Danelectro T-Bone Distortion
    Danelectro Grilled Cheese Distortion
    Danelectro French Toast Octave Distortion
    Danelectro Black Coffee Metal Distortion
    Danelectro Black Liqourice Beyond Metal Distortion
    Danelectro Daddy O. Overdrive
    Danelectro Fab Tone Distortion
    Daphon E10MT Metal
    Daphon E10OD Overdrive
    Daphon E20DS Distortion
    Daphon E20MT Metal
    Daphon E20OD Overdrive
    Dean Ramsay The Doomsday Machine
    Death By Audio Interstellar Overdriver
    Death By Audio Interstellar Overdriver Deluxe
    Death By Audio Total Sonic Annihilation
    Death By Aduio Robot
    Death By Audio Fuzz War
    Death By Audio Supersonic Fuzz Gun
    Death By Audio Soundwave Breakdown
    Death By Audio Harmonic Transformer
    Deep Trip BOG
    Deep Trip Hellbender
    Deep Trip Kryptone
    Demeter DD-1 Double D Overdrive
    Demeter FUZ-1 Fuzzulator
    Demeter DRV-1 Over Drivulator
    Demeter DRV-2 Uber Drivulator
    Demeter MB-2B Midboost/Fat Control
    Demeter FOD-1 Fat Overdrive
    Demeter OD-1 Over Drivulator
    DHA VT1 Standard Guitar
    DHA VT1 Blender
    DHA VT1 Fuzzy Feeling
    DHA VT1 MK3 Guitar
    DHA VT2 Dual Guitar
    DHA VT2 Standard Dual Guitar
    DHA VT2 Dual Custom Guitar
    Diamond Pedals J-Drive
    Diamond Pedals J-Drive Mk II
    Diamond Pedals J-Drive Mk III
    Diamond Pedals Diamond Boost EQ
    Diamond Pedals Fireburst Fuzz
    Digitech Grunge Pedal
    Digitech Hardwire SC-2 Valve Distortion
    Digitech Hardwire CM-2 Tube Overdrive
    Digitech Hardwire TL-2 Metal Distortion
    Digitech Screamin' Blues
    Digitech Bad Monkey Overdrive
    Digitech Tone Driver
    Digitech Hot Rod Distortion
    DOD FX102 Mystic Blues Overdrive
    DOD 250 OD Preamp
    DOD FX66 Flashback Fuzz
    DOD FX55 Supra Distortion
    DOD Grunge Pedal
    Dod Classic Tube Overdrive
    Dr. Scientist Frazz Dazzler
    Dr. Scientist The Cleanness Buffer and Booster
    Dr. Scientist Woofer Wailer Overdrive
    Durham Electronics Much Boosto
    Durham Electronics Crazy Horse
    Durham Electronics Zia Drive
    Durham Electronics Sex Drive

    Earth Sound Research Graphic Fuzz
    EarthQuaker Devices Black Eye
    EarthQuaker Devices Crimson Drive
    EarthQauker Devices Dirt Transmitter
    EarthQuaker Devices Hoof
    EarthQauker Devices Tone Reaper
    EarthQuaker Devices Tusk Fuzz
    EarthQuaker Devices White Light
    Electro-Harmonix Germanium OD
    Electro-Harmonix Big Muff
    Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi
    Electro-Harmonix Double Muff
    Electro-Harmonix Graphic Fuzz
    Electro-Harmonix Little Big Muff Pi
    Electro-Harmonix LPB-1
    Electro-Harmonix Micro Metal Muff
    Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff Distortion
    Electro-Harmonix Pocket Metal Muff
    Electro-Harmonix Muff Overdrive
    Electro-Harmonix Nano Muff Overdrive
    Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi Tone Wicker
    Elite Tone Smooth Boost
    Elite Tone Beatles Mania
    Emma OMP-1 OnoMATOpoeia
    Euthymia ICBM Fuzz
    Euthymia Crucible Fuzz (silicon)
    Euthymia Crucible Fuzz (germanium)
    EWS FD-1 Fuzzy Drive
    Exar Electronix OD-04 Overdrive
    Exar Electronix TC-04 TaBASSco Overdrive
    Exar Electronix DS-04 Distortion
    Exar Electronix TB-04 Tuber Overdrive
    Exar Electronix SF-04 Super Fuzz
    Exar Electronix SQ-04 Squeezer
    Exar Electronix MM-04 Moon Metal Distortion
    Exar Electronix MD-04 Metal Mind Distortion
    Exar Electronix HR-04 Hammer Distortion
    Exar Electronix SR-04 Squealer Distortion
    Exar Electronix KM-04 Kamikaze Distortion

    Fairfield Circuitry Barbeshop OVerdrive
    Fairfield Circuitry The Unpleasant Surprise
    Franklin Distortion
    Franklin Prodrive
    Frantone Cream Puff
    Frantone Cream Puff Plus
    Frantone Boost Box
    Frantone Peach Fuzz
    Frantone Hi-Ball
    Frantone Lo-Tone Classic Fuzz
    Frantone The Sweet
    Frantone Bassweet
    Frantone Hep Cat
    Fridgebuzzz Electronics Land Of The Rising Fuzz
    Foxrox ZIM Overdrive
    Fuchs Plush Drive
    Fuchs Extreme Cream
    Fuchs Noxious
    Fuchs Plush Cream
    Fuchs Pure Gain
    Fuchs Pure Gain Plus
    Fulltone OCD
    Fulltone RTO Robin Trower
    Fulltone Catalyst Fuzz
    Fulltone '69 Fuzz
    Fulltone '70 Fuzz
    Fulltone Soul Bender
    Fulltone Fulldrive
    Fulltone Fulldrive 2
    Fulltone GT-500 Distortion/Overdrive
    Fulltone OctaFuzz
    Fulltone Ultimate Octave Fuzz

    G2D Classic Overdrive
    G2D Cream-Tone
    G2D Custom Overdrive
    G2D Morpheus Distortion
    GearMannDude Lothar
    GearMannDude Luther Drive
    GearMannDude Time Bomb Boost
    GeekMacDaddy Geek-Screamer
    GeekMacDaddy Geek Ranger
    GeekMacDaddy British Ball Breaker
    GLab Dual Vintage Overdrive
    GNI FZD Multi Fuzz and Distortion
    GNI SP1 Shred Pro Distortion
    GNI XD1 X-Treme Distortion
    Greedtone Overdrive
    Greer Batch O' Ass II
    Greer Brown Bomber
    Greer Burning Goat
    Greer Claymore
    Greer Ghetto Stomp
    Greer Gold Nugget
    Greer Green Giant
    Greer Peacemaker
    Greer Relic Drive
    Greer Sucker Punch
    Greer Tone Smuggler
    Greer Buttertone
    Greer Pork N Beans
    Greer Royal Fromage
    Greer Sonic Boom
    Greer Sonic Boom Plus
    Greer Sweetback Driver
    Greer Black Fuzz
    Greer Black Fuzz Custom
    Greer Fuzzy Wooly Bear
    Greer Orange Crush
    Greer Razor Burn
    GS Wyllie Fuzzmite
    GS Wyllie OZO
    GS Wyllie Moonrock
    GS Wyllie Wylo
    GS Wyllie Newmoon
    GS Wyllie Rising Sun
    Guyatone OD
    Guyatone OD2+

    Hao Rust Booster
    Hao Rust Booster III
    HAO Rust Driver
    HAO Rumble Mod
    HAO Sole Pressure
    Heavy Electronics Ascend
    Heavy Electronics Grind Fuzz
    Heavy Electronics Red Eyes
    Heavy Electronics Radio Havana
    Heavy Electronics Hwy 77
    Hermida Audio Zen Drive
    Hermida Audio Zen Drive Special Edition
    Hermida Audio Mosferatu
    Hermida Audio NuValve
    Hermida Audio Dual Booster
    Hermida Audio Distortion
    Hipkitty Oxblood Distortion
    Hipkitty Java Distortion
    Hipkitty Chameleon Boost/Distortion
    Hipkitty Cream Distortion
    Homebrew Electronics Full Metal Jacket
    Homebrew Electronics Power Screamer
    Homebrew Electronics UFO Ultimate Fuzz Octave
    Homebrew Electronics Big D Distortion
    Homebrew Electronics ParaDrive
    Homebrew Electronics Heamtome Overdrive
    Homebrew Electronics Germania
    Homebrew Electronics Uno Mos
    Homebrew Electronics Gary Holt Doomsday Device
    Homebrew Electornics Gary Hoey Skull Crucher

    Ibanez Jemini
    Ibanez TS-9
    Ibanez TS-9DX
    Ibanez TS808
    Ibanez TS808HW
    Ibanez TS-7
    Ibanez SM-7
    Ibanez DS-7
    Ibanez FZ-7
    Ilitch Electronics Twin Drive
    Ilitch Electronics Deep Blues
    Ilitch Electronics Classic One
    Ilitch Electronics Heavy Metal
    IndyGuitarist Super Plextortion
    IndyGuitarist Cranked AC
    Indyguitarist Pinnacle
    Indyguitarist Plexidrive
    Indyguitarist Ecstasy Overdrive
    Indyguitarist Brent Mason 'Hot Wired' OD/Distortion
    Indyguitarist Jonny Hiland Bad Dog Distortion
    Indyguitarist Plextortion

    Jacques Tube Blower
    Jacques Fuse Blower
    Jacques Mercer Box
    Jacques Batfuzz
    Jacques Overdrive
    Jacques Katapult
    Jam Pedals Fuzz Phrase
    Jam Pedals TubeDreamer
    Jam Pedals Rattler
    Jam Pedals Red Muck
    Jam Pedals Rooster
    Jam Pedals Boomster
    Jetter Gain Stage Red
    Jetter Gain Stage Green
    Jetter Gain Stage Purple
    Jetter Gain Stage Blue
    Jetter GS3
    Jetter Custom Gold 3-D OD
    Jetter Custom Blue Lite Special OD
    Jetter Jetdrive

    Kaden Effects Brown Creeper Distortion
    Kaden Effects Chirper Treble Booster
    Kaden Effects Flamingo Fuzz
    Kaden Effects Pavo Booster
    Kaden Effects Toucan Tone Overdrive
    Kasleder Effects Dirty Little Thing
    Kasleder Effects The Rocker
    Keeler Pull Overdrive
    Keeler Push Overdrive
    Keeler Shove Distortion
    Keeler Kick Fuzz
    Keeley Katana Boost
    Keeley Java Boost
    Keeley Time Machine Boost
    Keeley Fuzz Head
    Klon Centaur
    Korg ToneWorks 105od Classic Overdrive
    Krank KrankShaft Overdrive

    Ladipo Pride and Joy Overdrive
    Landgraff LDO
    Liquid Gain Hydra
    Lovepedal Purple Plexi
    Lovepedal Kanji
    Lovepedal Kanji 9
    Lovepedal Amp50
    Lovepedal Eternity
    Lovepedal Les Lius Distortion
    Lovetone Brown Source Overdrive
    Lovetone Big Cheese Fuzz

    Machinehead Pedals 72 Degrees
    Machinehead Pedals Lead Stone Fuzz
    Machinehead Pedals Evelyn Dual Drive
    Machinehead Pedals Nitrous Boost
    Mad Professor Sky Blue Overdrive
    Mad Professor Little Green Wonder
    Mad Professor Mighty Red Distortion
    Mad Professor Fire Red Fuzz
    Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive
    MadeByMike Salt Booster
    MadeByMike Fuzz Face
    MadeByMike Salt Muff
    MadeByMike Saltbreaker
    Malekko Barker Assmaster Germanium
    Malekko Barker Assmaster
    Marshall Guv'nor
    Marshall Bluesbreaker
    Marshall Jackhammer
    Maxon OD-9 Overdrive
    Maxon OD-9 Pro + Overdrive
    Maxon OOD-9 Organic Overdrive
    Maxon SD-9 Sonic Distortion
    Maxon VOP-9 Vintage Overdrive Pro
    Maxon DS-830 Distortion Master
    Maxon OD-820 Overdrive Pro
    Maxon D&S Distortion Susatiner
    Maxon D&S II Distortion Sustainer
    Maxon OD-808 Overdrive
    Maxon OSD-9 Overdrive/Soft Distortion
    Menatone King Of The Britains Overdrive
    Menatone Red Snapper
    Menatone Blue Collar Overdrive
    Menatone Kar Krash
    MG Pedals Fuzzyland
    MG Pedals Alien Booster
    MG Pedals The Drive
    MG Pedals Crunsh
    MG Pedals Creamy
    MG Pedals Tony Tender
    MG Pedals Sexy Drive
    MG Pedals MuffFeliz
    MI Audio Blue Boy Deluxe
    MI Audio Tube Zone
    MI Audio Blues Pro Overdrive
    MI Audio Boost N Buff
    Mid-Fi Electronics Psych Byke
    Mid-Fi Electronics Peace Gun
    Mid-Fi Electronics Clari(not)
    Mid-Fi Electronics Fuzzz
    Mid-Fi Electronics Glitch Computer
    Mid-Fi Electronics Random Number Generator
    Mid-Fi Electronics Hard Clipped Limiter
    MJM London Fuzz
    MJM Phantom Overdrive
    MJM Roctavios
    MJM Dallas Boost
    Modtone Dyno Drive
    Modtone Extreme Metal
    Modtone Speedbox Distortion
    Mojo Hand Huckleberry
    Mojo Hand Copperhead
    Mojo Hand Mule
    Moollon Overdrive
    Moollon Distortion
    Moollon Signal Boost
    Moollon Class A Boost
    Moollon Fuzz 14
    Moollon OD-DS
    Moollon Fuzz 32
    Moollon 3 Plus
    Moollon Treble Boost
    Montreux Coda Overdrive
    Montreux Knebworth Distortion
    MXR Zakk Wylde
    MXR Fullbore
    MXR Doubleshot
    MXR 250+
    MXR Dime Distortion DD-11
    MXR M-103 Blue Box Fuzz Octave
    Myth Effects Minotaur Distortion
    Myth Effects Midas Clean Boost

    Nady TS-30 Tube Sound Overdrive
    Nady TA-40 Tube Amp Simulator Super Drive
    Nady DS-50 Distortion and Sustain
    Nobels DT-1 Distortion
    Nobels DT-SN Distortion Special
    Nobels FU-Z Fuzz
    Nobels ODR-1 Overdrive
    Nobels ODR-1 Plus Overdrive
    Nobels ODR-S Overdrive Special
    Nobels PRE-1 Preamp Booster
    NOC3 Effects Pure Overdrive
    NOC3 Effects Earthtone
    NOC3 Effects Firefly
    Nokina Design Maestro Overdrive

    Om Laboratories Sahasrare Overdrive
    Ooh La La Truly Beautiful Disaster
    Ooh La La Soda-Meiser
    Ooh La La Synth Mangler
    Ooh La La Torn's Peaker
    Ooh La La Oxygen
    Ooh La La Cobalt
    Ooh La La Inferno
    Ooh La La UltraViolet
    Ooh La La X-Ray
    Ooh La La Brown Sound
    Option 5 Destination Overdrive II
    Option 5 Destination Overdrive
    Ovaltone White Tiger Overdrive
    Ovaltone Black Tortoise Distortion
    Ovaltone Vermillion Bird Fuzz
    Ovaltone MAGS Boost
    Ovaltone White Tiger Baby
    Ovaltone Black Box

    Paul Cochrane Timmy Overdrive
    Paul Cochrane Tim Overdrive
    Pedalworx Cactus Crunch
    Pedalworx Mcfuzz
    Pedalworx Tejas
    Pedalworx Sky
    Pedalworx Texas Two Step
    Pedalworx Five O Clock Charlie
    Pharoah Class-A Boost Pro
    Pharoah Uptown Fuzz III
    Pharoah Jubilee Silver Overdrive
    Pigtronix Disnortion
    Pigtronix Polysaturaton
    Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone
    Protone Jason Becker
    Protone Rusty Cooley
    Protone Christian Wolbers Preamp
    Protone Peligro Fuzz
    Protone Ram Skull Fuzz
    Protone Body Rot II
    Protone Monster Fuzz
    Protone SkumStortion
    Protone Dead Horse Overdrive
    Providence Heat Blaster Distortion
    Providence Final Booster
    Providence Quad-Arrow Distortion
    Providence Sov-2 Overdrive
    Providence Stampede OD
    Providence Sonic Drive
    Providence Sonic Drive 2

    Radial London Bones
    Radial Fullerton Bones
    Radial Texas Bones
    RAT Turbo Rat
    RAT RAT 2
    RAT You Dirty RAT
    Red Witch Famulus
    Red Witch Fuzz God
    Red Witch Fuzz God II
    Retro Sonic Boost
    Retro Sonic Eight-O-Eight Overdrive
    Rockbox Boiling Point
    Rockett Flex Drive
    Rockett Lemon Aid
    Rockett Blue Note Overdrive
    Rockett Ten Ton Hammer
    Rockett Chicken Soup Overdrive
    Rockett 68 Stiff Arm Overdrive
    Rockett AC 63
    Rockett The S.O.S Buffer
    Rockett Afterburner
    Rockett Boost
    Ross Distortion
    Ross Compressor
    Rothwell Atomic Booster
    Rothwell F1 Booster
    Rothwell Swtichblade
    Rothwell Hellbender
    Rothwell Heartbreaker

    Seymour Duncan Lava Box
    Seymour Duncan Power Grid
    Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Classic
    Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Mayhem
    Seymour Duncan Tweak Fuzz
    Sinister Analog Ultra Lord
    Sinister Analog Soul Provider
    Skreddy Ernie Fuzz
    Skreddy Screw Driver
    Skreddy Top Fuel
    Skreddy Screw Driver Deluxe
    Skreddy Lunar Module
    Skreddy Pig Mine
    Smart People Factory Green Line
    Smart People Factory Red Threat
    Smart People Factory Ego Booster
    Solid Gold FX Nitro Boost
    Solid Gold FX Rock Machine
    Solid Gold FX High Octane
    Solid Gold FX superDrive
    Solid Gold FX SuperDuperDrive
    Solid Gold FX Forumla '69
    Solid Gold FX Forumla '76
    Solid Gold FX Agent 13
    Speedster Turbo Charger Overdrive
    Subdecay Blackstar
    Subdecay Liquid Sunshine
    Subdecay Super Nova Drive
    Subdecay F Bomb
    Subdecay Flying Tomato
    Suhr Koko Boost
    Suhr Shiba Drive
    Suhr Riot Distortion

    T-Rex Dr. Swamp
    T-Rex Alberta
    T-Rex Mudhoney
    T-Rex Moller
    T-Rex MAB (Michael Angelo Batio)
    T-Rex Diabolic Gristle Tone Manipulator
    T-Rex Gristle King Overdrive
    T-Rex ToneBug Overdrive
    TC Electronic Classic Boost and Distortion
    TC Electronic VPD1 Vintage Pre Drive
    TC Electronic Vintage Octa Screamer
    TC Electronic Classic Distortion Booster
    TC Electronics Nova Drive
    TC Jauernig Luxury Drive
    TC Jauernig Luxury Drive Mdl-T
    TC Jauernig Diabolical Gristle Tone Manipulator
    TC Jauernig Atomic FET-Boy
    Tech 21 Sansamp British Overdrive
    Tech 21 Sansamp California Overdrive
    Tech 21 Sansamp Liverpool Overdrive
    Tech 21 Sansamp Tri-A.C Distortion Preamp
    Telenordia TA-23 Booster
    Telenordia TA-24 Treble Booster
    Telenordia TA-100 Overdrive
    The Syle Umiom Distortion
    The Syle Red Overdrive
    The Syle Faygun Fuzz
    The Syle Deluxe Faygun Fuzz
    The Syle Particle Distorter
    The Syle Mind Eraser Distortion
    The Syle Furr Fuzz
    The Syle Velcro Fuzz
    The Syle Moon Boost
    Throbak Electronics Overdrive Boost
    Throbak Electronics EQ Boost
    Throbak Electronics StoneBender MK II Pro
    Throbak Electronics Strange Master Treble Boost
    Throbak Electronics Flash Drive Treble Boost
    Throbak Electronics Fuzz Haze
    Toadworks Meat
    Toadworks Death Rattle
    Toadworks Classic Drive
    Toadworks Americqa Overdrive
    Toadworks John Bull
    Toadworks John Bull Jnr.
    Toadowrks Modern Fuzz
    Toadworks American Overdrive Jnr
    Tortuga Effects Yeti Fuzz
    Tortuga Effects Sasquatch Fuzz
    Tortuga Effects Crazy Eight

    Valvette Custom Drive
    Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde
    Visual Sound Route 66
    Visual Sound Double Trouble
    Visual Sound Angry Fuzz
    Visual Sound Route 808
    Visual Sound Open Road
    Visual Sound Son Of Hyde
    Visual Sound TrueTone Boost
    Visual Sound Vans Warped Distortion
    VLEffects Bullitt
    VLEffects Bullitt Fat Vintage
    VLEffects Bullitt Fat Vintage 82'
    VLEffects Bullitt Jimi Vintage
    VLEffects Bullitt Crazy Vintage
    Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive
    Voodoo Labs Super Fuzz
    Voodoo Labs Proctavia Octave Fuzz
    Vox Satchurator
    Vox Cooltron Brit Boost
    Vox Big Ben
    Vox Tonelab

    Wattson Electronics Classic Fuzz
    Way Huge Pork Loin Overdrive
    Way Huge Fat Sandwhich Distortion
    Way Huge Swollen Pickle Fuzz
    Wholenote Distortion
    Wholenote Overdrive
    Wholenote Metal Driver
    Wilson Effects Overdrive
    Wilson Effects Orange Blossom
    Wilson Effects Sparkling Blue
    Wilson Effects Ultimate Overdrive
    Wilson Effects Stoned Grasshopper
    Wilson Effects Shocktavia
    Wilson Effects Fuzz
    Wilson Effects Fuzz Booster
    Wilson Effects 4 Knob Fuzz
    Wilson Effects Clean Boost
    Wilson Effects Silicon Fuzz
    Wilson Effects Vintage Head
    WMD Geiger Counter Preamp Distortion

    Xotic Effects AC Booster
    Xotic Effects AC Booster Plus
    Xotic Effects BB Preamp
    Xotic Effects BB Preamp Plus
    Xotic Effects BB Preamp Andy Timmons Model
    Xotic Effects EP Booster
    Xotic Effects RC Booster
    Xotic Effects RC Booster Scott Henderson Model

    Zinky True Grit Overdrive
    Zinky Master Blaster Clean Boost
    ZovRox ZIM Overdrive
    Zvex Box Of Rock
    Zvex Box Of Metal
    Zvex Fuzz Factory
    Zvex The Machine
    ZVex Super Hard On
    Zvex Woolly Mammoth
    Zvex Super Duper
    Zvex Machine
    Zvex Octane 3
    Zvex Jonny Octave
    Zvex Fuzz Probe
    Zvex Vexter Distortion
    Zvex Vexter Mastotron
    Zvex Vexter Fuzz Factory
    Zvex Vexter Box Of Metal
    Zvex Vexter Box Of Rock
  2. Adji

    Adji Not Enough Prog

    May 4, 2009
    Sunderland, UK

    The Biyang OD-7 is a surprisingly good pedal. I bought this pedal cheaply at around £35.00. It has 3 Modes via a toggle switch, TS (TubeScreamer), Bright, and Warm. It also has three standard knobs which control Volume, Tone and Drive.

    It works in a similar way to most other overdrive pedals. As far as I am aware it is based around an 808 clone (as are the majority of overdrive pedals) with a few component swaps. The toggle sets it to classic tubescreamer mode and gives that nice mid hump and tightens the bass up well. Switching to the bright mode the treble is boosted giving the pedal a sparkle (which can become harsh) similar to the British sounding overdrive of yesteryear's AC30. The warm mode obviously adds in some lower mid and bass range, rounding out and smoothing the tone.

    TBH, I was very surprised with the versatility and reliability of this pedal. There is often scepticism when a pedal sells this cheaply and is manufactured in china, but I for one am a fan and I won't be letting this go any time soon.

    I give this pedal an honest rating of 7/10. It is very versatile for it's price. It will not give you boutique tone of pedals like the Klon Centaur or Tube Driver, but it is a very usable pedal and one which I enjoy. It is now defunct for the newer OD-8 model. I am yet to try this 'new improved' version. The OD-7 can still be found around ebay.

    PS - If everyone could layout their reviews similarly to this then it would help keep the thread clean and tidy and easy to follow.
  3. Adji

    Adji Not Enough Prog

    May 4, 2009
    Sunderland, UK

    A classic amongst guitarist. There is a nigh-on infinite amount of resources out there in internet-world regarding this pedal, so I will keep my review short and sweet.

    In around 1982 Ibanez began to re-brand their models into the 9 series taking over the 808. These pedal became and still are, hugely popular. The pedal is still based on the legendary JRC-4558 op-amp chip which is cited as one of THE chips to run OD pedals on. In later years Ibanez began using all variety of other chips (probably which-ever was cheapest) and some of these greatly effect the tone of the pedal.

    The TS-9 is one of those classic effects that nearly every guitarist will have owned at some point. Personally I love mine for the increased mid range and tightened bass, it helps add a lot of smoothness/roundness and also some presence to your tone at the same time. It proves a great pedal for boosting an already overdriven amp into singing lead sustain.

    The layout is standard, three knobs, Volume, Tone and Gain. The range of the tone knob is quite high and you will find that the majority of TS-9 users leave the tone knob somewhere between 0 and around 4. After that the high end seems to become to prominent for a lot of people's tastes.

    This is far from being a transparent overdrive, and as mentioned it does effect your tone in some way, but in a positive way to me. Other's however dislike this pedal because of the tone-altering effects.

    I rate this pedal about 8/10 and it is one that will probably never leave my board. There are all manner of TS-9s out there, mine in particular is a re-issue. It is wildly regarded that the original models are better but I have never been given the opportunity to test this theory out. As a lead boost this pedal works great. Some classic recordings have also been known to have used the TS-9 (or variants) as a boost on the Rhythm tone, tightening the bass end up.

    P.S - I hope this idea is starting to make sense now?
  4. Adji

    Adji Not Enough Prog

    May 4, 2009
    Sunderland, UK

    The ModTone DynoDrive is another pedal based on the legendary 808 circuit. This cute little yellow box is again made in china, but do not let that worry you about the quality of this unit. Its construction is solid and professional and it has a cool sleek look. I was also particularly impressed with the packaging that accompanies the ModTone Pedals. Usually you get a crumbled bit of torn cardboard wrapped around the pedal but with the DynoDrive I got a great looking box with some free picks. Hopefully Modtone put as much effort into their pedals as they do their packaging.

    Another three knob design with Tone, Level and Drive settings make any overdrive user feel at home with this pedal. It provides a good solid boost with an overdriven amp but I was a little disappointed at the tone running into a clean amp, I felt it lacked any real 'beef.' I notice with this pedal it seems to be VERY crunchy and treble-y, almost harsh in its sound. I find that even with the tone rolled right down and the gain only around half that this little box still has TOO much high end for my personal tastes, but then I'm more a fan of mid-range and bass.

    Don't get me wrong, I like this pedal and it is priced fairly and I'm sure there will be people out there who like this pedal a lot, but it's not my thing for lead. I find myself using this sometimes to tighten up my rhythm sound on a recording and give definition to palm muted attack.

    Personally I give this pedal a rating of 5/10 but I have a feeling that more blues-based players or fans of the British crunch tone of yesteryear might rate this pedal a little more highly. The DynoDrive is priced very fairly at about £50.00 (I got mine second hand on e-Bay) so at that price it is worth checking out.
  5. ShadyDave

    ShadyDave New Member

    Apr 11, 2009
    Peterborough UK.
    >>> Wall of Pedal Text Snip <<<

    I've reduced this list of pedals to avoid confusion :D Adji alphabetised and expanded the original so I'm more than happy to use that as referrence.
  6. ShadyDave

    ShadyDave New Member

    Apr 11, 2009
    Peterborough UK.
    Marshall Guvnor Distortion Pedal


    I owned this pedal from around '89 to '92 and as such I'm only familiar with the "classic" version of the pedal. Some time around the early 90's Marshall actuall reintroduced this pedal with an updated fascia and electronics but sadly the tone was not as good in many people's opinion (The GV2 has more distortion and a better EQ section but the basic tone never sounded as convincing to me).

    Another extremely simple design as you can see - 5 knobs controlling Gain/Bass/Middle/Treble/Level and a solid pressed steel construction made this a favourite for many players on it's release and not simply because of it's extreme reliability - this thing absolutely delivered the Marshall tone in a box with a lot of tonal variety. On the one hand you could go from mildly overdriven SRV and Jimi style tones, through to Gary Moore "Empty Rooms" and ending up somewhere close to the classic Metallica/Testament thrash tones of the day.

    I've used this tube in two modes - both to form the foundation of a rock tone through a JCM900 (switching in the lead channel on the amp to take me into solo mode) and also to boost the front end of an amp whilst providing some flexibility in the EQ section (Laney AOR30 and JCM900 running distorted rhythm tones). Now in either case the pedal worked extremely well but as with other pedals of the era it was neither true bypass, or transparent....but as with all things Marshall you know what you're going to get and if you want those tones this pedal with "Marshallificate" any quality tube amp.

    If you can find one of the older models, well worth pucrchasing. The new models sound quite fizzy in comparison but can be made to produce the goods with some careful EQing.

    Rear Panel and Inputs:


    LOOP JACK - The FX loop output allows linking to to other pedals using an optional "Y" cable, with the Guv'nor acting as the master switch for the whole effects chain.
    MAINS ADAPTOR - Input for a 9 volt DC mains adaptor.
    OUTPUT JACK - For the connection of the cable from the pedal to the amplifier input socket.
  7. andrew

    andrew New Member

    Jan 28, 2009
    here's a good list of whats out there for reference.(and where I shop alot)

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  8. Ernesto

    Ernesto Does not have the same opinion!

    May 11, 2009
    I still use mine, you should see it after 15 years of stage abuse :D , but it still performs as the day I got it. I use it to "marshallize" my fender amp, which works great. I agree that the GV2 doesn't sound as good as the original, the "marshall buzzsaw" possibility seems to have been removed from the pedal.
  9. Ernesto

    Ernesto Does not have the same opinion!

    May 11, 2009
    Good review! The TS-9 in my opinion especially makes a lot of sense on 6L6 amps that tend to muddy up when the gain is a bit too high for Fenderstyle breakup and a bit too low for marshall style breakup. For instance if I want the kind of breakup used in the intro of Journey's Lights on my Fender, I have to use the TS-9, or I can't get there with any warmth. Other pedals, like the Boss BD, can get you the kind of distortion, but not while clearing the mud entirely and while still retaining the warmth of the tone.
  10. Adji

    Adji Not Enough Prog

    May 4, 2009
    Sunderland, UK

    The Big Muff I am reviewing is a re-issue version. There is apparently a hell of a lot of difference in the several models of Big Muff that are available. It is often said that the Russian Big Muff is one of the best available.

    The Electro-Harmonic Big Muff Pi is (among having probably the best name for a pedal ever) arguably the most famous Fuzz/Distortion box of all time. It's attractive looks, musical yet aggressive fuzz, and unique tone control make this pedal an all-time classic.

    Three simple dials control your sound, Volume, Tone and Sustain. Basically the Sustain is a gain or fuzz amount control. Twisting this dial can take you from a slight crunch to a super-compressed, soul destroying, screaming fuzz. The unique tone control works by increasing the frequencies as you turn it. Roll it off and you add a lot of bass, making the tone thick, so thick it almost hurts haha, pushing the tone knob the other way increases the treble yielding some nasty, glitch-y fuzz that we all love oh so much.
    The circuit is relatively simple as far as pedals go and the effect comes from transistor stages.

    What I like about this is as well as the aggressive fuzz sounds achievable, backing off on the sustain and setting the tone at 12 o clock can yield some excellent, rich sustained lead tones made famous by some early Gilmour and Santana tracks.

    I personally rate the Big Muff Pi at about 7/10. Surprising versatile for a fuzz-stortion based pedal and available worldwide easily, and relatively cheap at around £50.00s.
  11. Griffo

    Griffo Well-Known Member

    Jan 28, 2009
    Newcastle Under Lyme, UK
    DigiTech HardWire CM-2 Tube Overdrive

    In The Box:
    - DigiTech HardWire CM-2 Tube Overdrive
    - StompLock (Covers your knobs so that your settings are kept where you want them)
    - Foot Switch Glow Sticker (Makes the pedal visible on a stage in the dark)
    - Hook-and-loop Pedalbaord Pad (Used to attach it to the surface of your pedal board)
    - Warranty Card

    - Level - Controls the overdrive output level. Turn the knob clockwise to increase and counter-clockwise to decrease the output level.
    - Low - Controls the level of low frequency (Bass) boost/cut. Turn the knob clockwise to increase and counter-clockwise to decrease the bass level.
    - High - Controls the level of high frequency (Treble) boost/cut. Turn the knob clockwise to increase and counter-clockwise to decrease the treble level.
    - Gain - controls the overall overdrive/gain. Turn the knob clockwise to increase, and counter-clockwise to decrease.
    - Voicing Switch - This switches between the pedal's two voicings which are Classic and Modified. The Classic voicing gives you the sort of gain that suits smooth and crunchy lead and rhythm tones that are common with some of the most popular overdrive pedals, such as the Ibanez TubeScreamer. The Modified voicing allows you to push your amp to its limits and gives you extra, tight gain and is awesome for smooth leads.

    As it's an overdrive, there's not much else to say as you all know what it does. This is the best overdrive pedal i have used and i am currently using it with a Blackstar HT-5. This thing comes with everything needed and much more for convenience, such as the StompLock and glow in the dark pad. The sound this pedal gives is amazing with both voicings. The Classic voicing gives you a nice, smooth, TubeScreamer-type overdrive. If you think Stevie Ray Vaughan you will be in the right ballpark. The Modified voicing gives you more gain and a lot more bite and is great for metal-type tones as well as smooth lead tones.

    Sounds and videos speak much better than words. So here's Andy from ProGuitarShop demoing the pedal.

    I highly recommend the pedal :)

    Other Links:
    Harmony Central Reviews
  12. Adji

    Adji Not Enough Prog

    May 4, 2009
    Sunderland, UK

    The Boss DS-2 is a pretty standard distortion pedal. It features 4 Knobs,Level, Tone, Distortion, and Turbo. Turbo allows for the selection between two modes, I and II.
    Mode I is a standard take it or leave it distortion, similar in sound to the DS-1 but it seems to lack some of the beef and sustain of its predecessor. The tone range is quite varied though I can't think of any reason why it would need to be turned up to more than about half of the way, the treble starts to really take over.
    Mode II adds some extra mids for more presence but still fails to provide anything special in my opinion. There is something about Boss Distortion units that are lacking in my opinion. The sustain isn't as good as it should be and the tone doesn't feel as polished as it should be, that said, you can get some pretty good AC/DC-esque grit out of this box.

    There is also the option to remote control the Turbo knob by means of an external latching foot switch. This seems like quite a good feature, I assume the idea is to have mode I engaged, then when it comes to solo time, stomp on the remote switch and access Mode II which provides the extra mids needed to cut through the mix on a solo. A good addition.

    Overall I rate this pedal about 5/10. There are many better distortion units out there some of them in this price range. The lack of sustain and beef for me lowers the marks of what could have (and should have been) a pretty good distortion pedal.
    The pedal is available for around £60.00.
  13. Ernesto

    Ernesto Does not have the same opinion!

    May 11, 2009
    ELECTRO-HARMONIX Nano Series Linear Power Boost LPB-1


    The Electro-Harmonix is part of the conventiently compact sized Nano series of pedals. It's one of the most budget friendly boost pedals on the marlet, but still made with premium parts and made out of cast metal alloy without finish or polish, which gives it a vintage look, and vintage it is, because this pedal is and is made to sound like a vintage boost pedal. The name says “linear” power boost, but it is not a transparent or linear boost, it conditions the signal (in a positive way) to make it more powerful, and tonewise it adds “contour” to those familiar with the old contour control on Marshall amps or with the BBE Sonic Stomp pedal. It has only one control, a sturdy, heavy knob, that regulates the amount of power the device supplies to the signal. It is capable of a boost of about 25 dB, which is considerable. It is a true bypass pedal that is engaged by a sturdy vacuum cleaner switch that works very well.


    When the knob is set to 9 o'clock, the unit will provide no extra gain, but will efficiently buffer the signal in a transparent way to keep your signal chain on the pedalboard pure and strong.

    When it is set below 9 o'clock, it will work as an active attenuator, for a reversed boost effect (attenuating for rhythm, disengaging for the pure lead sound of your amp), which benefits the clarity of the sound compared to turning the volume knob on a passive guitar down for the same purpose, and which provides a preset level of attenuation. Also very useful for output-matching different guitars through the same rig. This function also makes it suitable for use with solid state amps, that don't react well to a signal booster normally.

    When the unit is set between 9 o'clock and noon, it will provide a transparent boost, without coloring too much the sound. Noon means about 10-12 dB of boost already, so it's powerful. With active pickups, the unit will stay transparent up to a setting of about 11 o'clock because of the more powerful guitar signal. This range is ideal for use as a lead boost on an overdriven tube amp. In this range, it provides an alternative for those situations where you need a boost, but you don't want to use a TS-9 because that mellows the tone up too much.

    When the dial is turned higher than noon (or 11 o'clock with EMG's), the unit will boost more than 10 dB with increasing clearly audible “contour”, which means that the signal will sound more focused, clearer, and will sound like it has more bass (measured in dB's, there is no relative gain to the bass, the effect comes from signal conditioning only) and also a lot more harmonics, it will make your guitar scream easily, even a vintage single coil guitar. It is not as such a treble boost (although it enhances harmonics) and it certainly isn't a mid boost. It will not make your tone muddy at all. This range is ideally suited for adding a distortion channel to a single channel tube amp, or for creating a big and wide complex metal sound on an already distorted tube amp. It will retain it's vintage boost character, so it will not make the tone harsh.


    A fantastic pedal for the price, one of the all time classic pedals for sure. The circuit is based on and copies the original boost circuitry used by some of the greats at the end of the 60's, beginning of the 70's, it was the first of it's kind, and has never really disappeared. It sounds better with vintage voiced amps than with modern metal amps, although it never sounds bad with any tube amp. The unit adds no audible noise, is impervious to magnetic influences and takes a standard 9V battery or DC supply, and with all the uses you can make of it, as described above, it is in my opinion a must have for a gigging pedalboard. It is however NOT a Hi-Fi transparent or “linear” booster like the MXR Bradshaw model, it has a character of it's own, and therefore it sometimes is a bit of an acquired taste at first. This pedal suits rock music and heavy blues better than jazz or delta blues, because of the added contour to the sound, which is pure rock. After all, the likes of this pedal were used to boost plexis in the early days to get a full-on rock distortion sound, with all the harmonics, chunky bass chops and tonal complexity that comes with it.


    9/10, because I'm severe, and better is always (at least theoretically) possible, but this pedal has never left my pedalboard since I got it.
  14. Stearner

    Stearner There's no stopping... a bird dropping

    Jan 28, 2009
    Shropshire, UK
    Dude, woah, that's a collossal list of pedals.. I think there must be literally thousands of ODs knocking about though, and as elaborate, expansive and brilliant that list is, you can't possibly hope to list every OD about, no? Hats off for the work though, a truly commendable effort has been made by Adji and Shady here.. let's hope this puts an end to the wave of OD/DIS threads we get!

    Anyway, here's my contribution with what I have so far, first up, the Xotic Effects BB Preamp (coming in next post ;) )
  15. ShadyDave

    ShadyDave New Member

    Apr 11, 2009
    Peterborough UK.
    Might I just say, that's one hell of a list once it's been organised :)

    Turbo Rat


    Another simple design from a company that was extremely well regarded when I first picked up guitar, the Tubro Rat is of course the higher gain brother to the venerable RAT pedal, but was the first to feature the sloped face feature. This little box of noise features the same circuit, with different clipping diodes to provide a more agressive tone - perfect for Sonic Youth impressions and indeed Thurston did use this pedal for some of his recordings.

    Three simple controls control the mayhem - DIstortion (speaks for itself) Filter (more like a presence control than a dedicated EQ control) and Volume (again, the function is obvious) but it's worth bearing in mind that all the knobs affect the tone to some extent. I'm not sure this is as helpful as a dedicated EQ section but you can wring a fair selection of tones from it whilst the sturdy construction and true bypass mean that both reliability and transparency when not in use are notable features. Power is via the usual 9v DC or 9v battery and it's compact size lends itself to any pedal board.

    Now tonally this does the Sonic Youth/Deftones/Ministry territory very well indeed but this is not a pedal I would recommend for intricate lead playing as it simply doesn't like producing the requisite singing tones....that said however, it can replicate fuzz-face type tones happily so it may lend itself to early Dave Gilmour-style expressions. It's quite dynamically response but I found it to be noisy so after some extensive testing returned it to the shop.

    Depending on tastes this pedal could be as high as 7 or 8/10 for certain rhythm tones, but I only rate it as a 5 personally. Retails for around £80 in the UK.
  16. ShadyDave

    ShadyDave New Member

    Apr 11, 2009
    Peterborough UK.
    There are definately more pedals available so my initial thoughts were to exclude anything that is out of production or incredibly rare. Of note is the fact that I found video demos for most of those pedals so there's at least some sort of tonal referrence if people are interested....but as far as adding to that list I would definately add a suitably high quality pedal or chunk of esoterica but I'm not going out of my way at this time to do so. That said, if people feel there are omissions then poke Adji to add them for the sake of completeness :D
  17. Stearner

    Stearner There's no stopping... a bird dropping

    Jan 28, 2009
    Shropshire, UK
    Xotic Effects BB Preamp


    Let me start by saying this pedal is very versatile, responsive and high quality. It comes housed in a compact orange metal box with a sturdy, silent foot-switch and is as robust as any other pedal out there, as well as being true bypass. It takes up very little space on a pedalboard, and is lightweight and reliable. All components are high quality, and it really shows. The four controls, Gain, Volume, Treble and Bass are each very responsive, which makes this pedal very versatile- I was seriously impressed with the different sounds you can get from this unit with even the subtlest of modifications to the EQ, it really allows you to fine tune your tone, although pretty much however it's set you'll get a brilliant sound, as well as up to 30Db of clean boost to push the front of your amp. I prefer setting the gain at around 11'o'clock into a clean amp, which gives me a nice dirty rhythm tone to work with, and on these levels of gain I get no hum whatsoever- push the gain past 3:00, however, and admittedly, like most stompboxes, you will get a bit of noise, but even so it's relatively quiet, in comparison to similar units. My only complaint is the pedal occassionally picks up some radio ( :confused: ), although I have only found this noticeable at high volume settings on my amp, and is not something that happens regularly. I run this on batteries, although it is possible to power it through a 9V adapter.


    Simply put, the BB sounds fantastic. Like I said, it's hard to dial in a bad tone! The overdrive is very warm, thick and velvety, but is remarkable transparent- it preserves your base tone but adds a bit of grit and smoothness at the same time, in a way difficult to define. It adds clarity, depth and wonderful overtones to your sound, is very crisp and articulate, and is very responsive to picking dynamics and volume changes: it cleans up very well if you back off on the volume knob on your guitar. The amount clean boost available is also more than welcome- this pedal really sings when put infront of an already loud amp, and the extra kick of volume the BB provides can contribute towards this.

    Whilst having the most gain out of the Xotic range of pedals, it's still only a mild overdrive and won't get you any super saturated lead tones on its own, however, it also works really well infront of an already dirty amp (or in my case, a clean amp combined with the Tube Driver), adding a little extra sustain, smoothness and fullness to your leads. Even on it's own, you can get some lovely dumble-esque "clean-dirty" tones from it, if you set it right, although- as the name implies (Blues Breaker Preamp)- it does a good job of getting those Cream-era Clapton tones with the gain set to in and around 12:00. Whilst some will naturally compare it to a Tube Screamer, in my opinion the BB sounds much fuller, smoother and fatter, and lacks the mid boost found on the said units.


    In my opinion, you can't go wrong with the BB. It's remarkably transparent and versatile, and can work in a number of applications. Whilst these are quite expensive, I'd recommend them to anybody looking for a low-medium smooth gain overdrive, or as a more unique and elegant replacement for that green box on your pedalboard. I believe you get what you pay for with this pedal, and it's harmonic complexity and silky smooth tone, for me, justifies the price tag. People looking for a high gain metal shred box, look elsewhere, everyone else who cares about real tone, come right in ;)


    10.0- After much contemplation, I think rewarding this pedal a perfect 10 is reasonable: it does everything it's designed to do, sounds incredible almost however it's used, and is made with the utmost care and attention that really shows when it's played through. I don't think I could specify anything that needs to be improved with this.. apart from the occasional radio signal it picks up ;)
  18. Stearner

    Stearner There's no stopping... a bird dropping

    Jan 28, 2009
    Shropshire, UK
    BK Butler Tube Driver (5 knob)


    A military-approved metal jacket houses a real 12AX7 valve here: this is most definitely the real deal, and are now handwired by BK himself. All models includes their own high voltage power supply- a little note of warning, BK only ships these with the U.S. plugs, so get yourself an adapter if you're in the U.K. planning to import.

    My version is the 5 knob "Bias upgrade" which adds a bias control on the side of the pedal for controlling and limiting the voltage supplied to the valve, consequently adjusting its characteristics. Set to full, it's effectively not active, and your valve behaves like the 12AX7 it is: lots of gain, aggressive sounding overdrive- roll this knob off, however, and your 12AX7 can be made to emulate weaker sounding valves, with the tone getting smoother, less saturated and more compressed the more you roll of on the Bias knob. This adds a LOT of versatility, and saves you having to experiment with different valve types.


    Simply put, the BK Butler Tube Driver is a magical sounding pedal, unique to most pedals on the market today. It works best applied to an already dirty tone, giving you pretty much infinite sustain even at modest settings. It does something majestic to the tone that is difficult to understand without playing through one- essentially it takes you from dirty rhythm into instant singing leads, and it does the job amazingly, like nothing I've heard before. As well as the infinite sustain you get out of it, it fattens up your leads without really adding too much extra distortion. Whilst on its own it can sound a little aggressive compared to the tones of two of it's most acclaimed owners, Eric Johnson and David Gilmour, when combined with an already dirty tone it sounds crisp, powerful and yes, fantastically smooth. When I play through it, I feel like I'm playing with much more distortion than I can hear, and makes lead playing on lesser gain levels a whole lot more comfortable, mainly because of the sustain you get and the fullness and explosiveness of each note. It really is a pedal you need to play through to experience, as it's unlike anything else I've played through. I love my lead tone when it's on!

    But it's not all perfect. You're going to want to spend quite a while adjusting settings to make it fit your rig: it's very difficult to set right and varies from amp to amp, but once you do, it sounds brilliant. I've tried it with quite a few different amps, and some it just simply didn't get on with- maybe because it needed more tweaking with the settings, but for whatever reason, be prepared to invest some time into getting "that tone" from it. The other problem is hum. I set mine with the gain at pretty much 12'o'clock, but with the bias knob knocked back to about 2:00 for a smoother tone with less gain, and at these levels of gain, there's only a little hiss, however, put it anything past 1:00 and things start to get noisy, fast. For me, however, this isn't really an issue, as I've found optimum results with the gain set as how I have it and think for pretty much all applications it works best like this, however, it's still something worth noting. Unlike the BB, I haven't found the Tube Driver cleans up too well when you back off on the volume, but maybe that's just because of how I've set it and what I use it for, and I don't really need it for that sort of stuff anyway- I use it to take me from slightly broken up, dirty rhythm into screaming leads, and for that use, the BK Butler Tube Driver works better than anything I've ever tried, heard or seen.


    It may have a few small flaws, but it really is a small price to pay for what it does to your lead tones. It's not as versatile, easy to use or dynamic as the BB Preamp, and I use them both in completely different ways, however, what it does do is unique from any other pedal I've encountered or heard about and I can confirm now if you're willing to spend some time getting used to how it works and setting it correctly for your rig, the BK Butler Tube Driver could well be the most essential pedal on your board, for anyone who enjoys playing silky smooth, sustain filled leads. Again, they're not cheap, but they're wholly unique and boutique and could prove to be a great investment when BK stops making them as I'm sure they'll turn into one of the most highly sought after pedals knocking about (as if they weren't already), not that you'll ever catch me selling mine, as long as I can help it, that is ;)


    9.5- Only a few flaws and a hefty price tag prevents this from getting that perfect ten, but in many ways it's superior to the BB I rated... like I said before this pedal does something magical to your tone unlike anything else on the market and whilst it's not without its flaws, the benefits you get out of owning one are revolutionary. It may be less versatile, rounded and perfect than the BB, but in terms of standing out in being spectacular and adding an undefinable magic to your leads, the Tube Driver has to be considered more unique and irreplaceable ;)
  19. Adji

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    Some good reviews there guys thankyou.

    Now obviously it would be impossible to list every OD pedal ever made, but I hope to get all of the most popular ones down there.
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    now thanks guys for fueling my GAS, i should be able to get another few LIGHTYEARS out of that much fuel

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