The Official Chapman ML-7 Design Thread

the monkey lord

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Hi guys,

Welcome to the official thread to discuss the ML-7 project and it's various votes which are due to take place over November, beginning with headstock shape this monday.

We are extremely excited to launch this project, it's going to be a ton of fun and we welcome all your questions (relevant to this project), banter and general Chapman seven string related chat.

The ML-7 ideas thread was all about possibilities, suggestion and speculation - all of which have been taken on board.

This thread takes us from possibilities to realities and with our guidance and your support I know we can design the most amazing seven string guitar.

Rob Chapman & Keith Merrow


Rob's Guitar's Tech
There is a logic in choosing headstock shape first. It's all about tuner alignment and all that shit. Trying to get an awesome headstock shape while correctly positioning the tuners is an art in itself. After that, the body is a piece of piss.



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Ok, I'd love a reverse 7-in-a-row headstock. Or 3+4, 4+3, I'm not too fussy about it. Straight-thru strings would be ace too.

Also...what are the possibilities? So we can talk about turning them into realities... :D

I mean, if we don't know what is feasible, we'll probably start ruminating the ideas in the other thread. :)
if its not gonna have a trem then i guess we needn't be overly fussed about having the string be aligned in a perfect straight line from bridge to tuner. so that leaves a lot of room for experimentation....