The LEFTY Vote in March

Discussion in 'Chapman Guitars' started by SM-lefty, Jan 24, 2017.

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    Jan 24, 2017
    Well, I'm back, gents, I was one of those lefty's excited about the idea of new CG model for lefty in fact I open this post moths before the actual vote and I will not deny it on the day that the vote came. The first thing I did was open the website and start looking to find the model I wanted but and vote (ML-3 BEA sig ) for my surprise and pretty sure I no alone in this ML-3 BEa No was available to vote. We I am going to say that this was the first disappointment.... but I left it go . However, now I jut saw the results of the vote and I have Serious doubts that this vote refract the reality of what the lefties want a lower end GF and a high end V really ??? Maybe is just me due to I haven't an impartial point of a view in this vote . Best of the luck to CG with the lefty stuff but Unfortunately I am not interested in either of these two models so for me is time to looking around for other options. Because I realize that I no need a kid or somebody else decided for me what guitar I want....

    PD: Maybe I got another brand of guitars that does something very similar to the ML-3 BEA in high end and any color also baritone if you want !!!.
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