the g.a.s thread.

I want to try one of the Dolamo overdrive pedals from Amazon.
Thing is, I won't patronize Amazon, haven't for years.
They're only $25 and I'm hoping a lot of people buy-to-try and then plop them on Reverb or eBay soon. There's one that has a nice mellow OD sound that I think would sound better than the TCE Cinders on my planko del dos. I'm sure the insides are the same as 100 other no-name cheap pedals out there, Caline or whatever, so maybe I'll find out what that is and get an alternative. But it sure did sound good in demos, nice warm purr.
The power connection is in the worst possible location on the bottom left side along the latitude of the foot switch.

This is all @johnniegoat fault though I've sort of had this idea for a while.

I have two Lester's. A Burny Custom with PAF style VH-1 humbuckers which sound great and a Burny flame top standard Lester with ok sounding pickups.

I'm looking for a different sounding set of humbuckers to the PAF set in my Custom. Maybe something a little hotter, I'd like the Peter Green out of phase option and I'm going for a cream colour set.

Time to start researching! Gonna have a look at Creamy, Bareknuckle, Monty's, Axesrus, Irongear, Seymour Duncan and Radio Shop. Maybe Evilbay for an older set of Dimarizo's.

Any recommendations?

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Stop, don’t, come back.

you seem to have most of the bases covered there

of the ones you mention, montys seem to be the top pf the tree without going utterly mental cost wise

utterly mental including ...

Iron Gear are still the best open secret in the pickup world. i've had several different ones; the Blues Engine is great, and the Tesla Shark. both great, medium output and as they are 4 wire its easy to do something exciting like the Page wiring

outside what you have mentioned, you should have a look at HoT TruPAFs (the website is not the easiest, you just scroll down til you find them)

not a bad price, and the Verdi set gets you a neck pickup wound like Green's repaired one. Crimson used to use HoT all the time

Mojo make great stuff - i have a dogear P90 that @GloopyJon is doing something with, best pickup i have ever owned. but he closes his order book really early every month

Lollars are good too - but they are moving into top dollar spaces


A confused lysdexic

outside what you have mentioned, you should have a look at HoT TruPAFs (the website is not the easiest, you just scroll down til you find them)

not a bad price, and the Verdi set gets you a neck pickup wound like Green's repaired one. Crimson used to use HoT all the time
Couldn't reccomend these guys enough, I've got a set of the regular TruPAFs in my LP Standard Faded, and they're absolutely great. They're some of the only modern pickups I've found that really have nice authentic sounding note bloom and harmonic overtones at higher gain.

Compared them to a set of Bareknuckles I had that were in my SG, sold the bareknuckles almost straight away, they didn't sound bad, just boring in comparison. And costing £120 more a set, it was a no brainer to sell them and get more House of Tone stuff.

I've got a set of p90s that are heading into the SG at the moment from them, and when I emailed to ask their recs for chasing the first album/live 70' Tony Iommi sound, they were back straight away to ask if I'd like the neck pickup wound like the original he ran in 69' or the John Birch that got put in in 70', so to say they know their shit inside out is an understatement.

And if all that wasn't enough they come in a really nice wooden box too, it's a stupid little detail but an exceedingly pleasing one.
@Uptown Ooh nice thanks

I've gone with a set of Monty's PAFs humbuckers for my LP. I've also ordered 022uf and a 015uf capacitors and I'm going with 50's wiring.

Though I'd like to upgrade my dogear pickup in my Burny sg junior one day as it's a big boring and not very dynamic. Will have to wait until the new year but I certainly checkout

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boring, but the positive grid spark

the price of 2 medium/ expensive pedals shipped and it has all the things
It worries me.. It has great functionality. It does some things I'd buy in a pedal.. But they're not selling through stores so I can't try it. And I'm so afraid it's just like all those other modelling amps that just don't feel right. (excluding the katana and maybe that new fender.. One of my mates loves it)
When I got the Helix I'd hoped it'd diminish the Gas for rediculously impractical amps and massive pedalboards, yet here I am playing with the Diezel models and I just want a big boy VH4.
Yes, it's the most rediculous thing I've ever seen, the "D"s that make up the grill make it look like it's infested with sharks, it's got more knobs and switches than the international space station, I could spend the £2.5k on many other more responsible things and still have enough change for another great amp, I'd never be able to turn it past 9am even if I ever return to stage, and everybody would have every right to laugh at the stupid man with his stupid amp.

Still want one though.
I got a bit jealous at all of you helix people with all the sounds you get and I wondered how it'd sound on the dirty shirley..
But then I was playing and I realized how happy I am not having the hundreds of knobs of the mark V.. I'll just get a couple of simple pedals :)