the g.a.s thread.


A confused lysdexic
For the first time ever I got gas for a pedal and bought it all in under 30 minutes.

I've had it somewhere in my head to get an HM2 or HM2 clone (Lone wolf/Abominable/Dunwitch) for years, and want to do mess with it for a bass sound. It's really funny watching people getting themselves tied up in knots over these. £30 pedal that does 98% of the sound that either an inflated price HM2 or boutique clone does.

Also amusing watching a bunch of guys run them into either super tight high end metal amps or amp sims and then get weird about it not sounding dirty enough, if your amp isn't at full volume you don't know if it's dirty enough.

Super stoked for it to arrive, the design is pretty shit so I'm probably gonna sand it/mangle it, but with two controls I'm not worried about forgetting what is what.

I also need to get a splitter so I can run this through my Supergroup and Superlead at the same time and just bathe in the chainsaw.


Subtly not giving a F*ck
For some weird reason I've been looking at Explorer type guitars....I'm liking the LTD Snakebyte....or the Gibson's without a pickguard.
Hmmm...Explorer GAS is getting out of hand. Any suggestions on some good ones? Doesn't have to be a Gibson, does have to be an A-Brand. I've seen the Gibson B2, Schecter E1, Jackson Demmilition, LTD Snakebyte. Those I like and need to get my hands on. Anything similar? No Epiphones, Tokais etc. This needs to be a proper guitar. I'm not sure if I'm going to get one. It needs to blow my mind first.