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The guitar dealer who sold me my FSR Japanese Strat, has a good amount of guitars up for sale. There were two that have caught my eye.....

1st one is a 2003 Gibson Les Paul Standard, with a blonde (natural finish) cap and looks just stunning.

2nd is actually what I wanted to get before going with my MIJ Strat. It's an '07 American Deluxe Strat in Sienna Sunburst (it's a cherry burst), which is in my top 5 of Strat colours. I've owned an '04 American Deluxe Strat, that was previously owned by Sensei aka @doctorpaul. These guitars are typically the closest you can get to a "Custom Shop" guitar, being built on the main line. Out of the few that I have played, they all seem to have really nice meaty necks. They all had different finishing touches, like an abalone fretboard marker. It's highly likely I will buy this one, but I am after another Gibson guitar to go with my current two.

That strat is seriously gorgeous!

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I'm not completely happy with how my fuchs amp sounds when it's routed through the kemper. There's quite a difference in EQ. So i'd like just to switch between the two as I fancy. I might just profile the fuchs. Additionaly.. I like how it sounds through the fuchs power amp and cab. But I'm missing out on half the profile.

So to make my life easier..
I'm going to make my kemper powered!


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Really gassing for a Single cut LP junior style guitar. Local guy just won’t sell his 56 to me.

Might have to ring up Texas Toast next year and just have them build what I want.

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On your side of the pond Rock n Roll Relics looks worth checking out. World Guitars sell them in the UK which says a lot about the quality of the brand, everything in that shop is stunning.