the g.a.s thread.


I... I like trees.


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You have reminded me that I never got my hands on the limited run Sandblasted Ash Strats. The blue ones, specifically. Lots of red ones going up for sale, but never blue ones, anymore.
I have a Strat, so I am distracted juuust enough not to care, I mean, I don't need 2 Strats, after all.
And yet...

I share your GAS for this beauty. Ummmmmm

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Looking for a bit of advice ( beginner ) on the wiring diagram for the axetec mr page wiring there are a couple of places where only a tiny connection is made between 2 of the connectors . Is this a case of using the same wire to span the gap or a separate piece of wire connecting the 2? E.g in the below both the neck and bridge volume the green and white wire connect in , then there is a yellow connection to the opposite side .



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i've found it depends on the pickups

OEM pickups tend to have very thin wires; after market have thicker, easier to manipulate wires

also - if you want to swap out a pickup, might be better to span the gaos with small pieces of wire, so you only have to disconnect the pickup without upsetting the wider wiring

i have done the Mr Page wiring successfully once. and f'd it up a few times. its worth trying though, as its very flexible and a good challenge