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I've mentioned before that I don't want any more black guitars but I could make an exception for this.
American Musical is blowing out their Kramer Reissues ( )

Baretta 84 Reissue

Baretta 85 Reissue

I really love my 84, and play it at least 95% of the time. I was thinking of grabbing an 85, but not sure how the Rosewood neck would fair against my 84's maple neck. I might grab another 84 at that price.
That's a great price!
Have you seen the White and Pink ones they've also released? I've played this seafoam green one. It's cool. Really cool. But I can't help but feel that you will grow tired of this colour after some time.
That could well happen, I used to despise the colour! I really don't know why things changed.
I was never a sea foam/surf green guy. At least that I reckoned. I can't be bothered to tell the difference in the two colors anymore. They're enough the same to me to not care. :D

But then I got a cheap Squier tele in surf and fell in love with it both from playing and once I swapped out the white guard for a tortoise one. It's like mint chocolate chip ice cream, my favorite flavor.
Then I ended up with a sea foam Fender Duo because the guy who was supposed to order me a diamond yellow one forgot and just got a bunch of the green. I dig the shit out of it, especially after I swapped the white solid pickup covers with antique white ones.
And my surf pearl Strat is just as appealing to me today as when I finally decided on it, over the blue burst.

I'd totally have that Ibanez, because that roasty-toasty neck looks incredible against the green. Daaaang. Like a tanned leg dipping into the ocean.
One of the spin-offs of having GAS is it often brings you into contact with wider influences.

When I had P90 GAS I found myself getting into Junior users I hadn't heard of.

Having GAS for an EHX B9 now and I'm digging deep into the masters of the Hammond! What a trip!!



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After going through my old photos on my iPhone/iCloud folders, I came across an mid 90's Fender Strat FSR. It was in red and had a painted read headstock. It had the hardware from a Strat Plus, but without the Lace Sensors. This got me looking online to see what sought of price they may be going for. While I was working my way through the pages of Strat's for sale, I came across this little beauty....

Some of the older members might remember I use to go crazy for bright yellow guitars (well I still do lol). The price seemed really good to me at first, then I realised it's an MIM edition. There are a few of the USA models from the mid 90s (usually '95) around the £1000 mark. But what makes matters worse, I know I would never play the bloody thing, like all the other 2nd guitars I've bought, I just don't want to put my LP Custom down, when I am sat next to my amp and pedals.