the g.a.s thread.


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It’s a unique looking guitar, so good, but honestly prefer the ‘old’ and ‘actual’ Junior he had.
I love the look of a traditional junior (and honestly prefer it). I especially dig taking the traditional body shape and pickup config and doing them in cool finishes, like this 1954 Junior he had refinished
sparkle junior.jpg

I just really wanted to try his newer signature because I already own a p90 loaded junior and I want something with humbuckers, and I like single pickup guitars.


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Beautiful. I just tried one of these yesterday. Neck profile was amazing (my favorite medium between a 50's and 60's neck profile), but the pickup wasn't great. I definitely think something like a Duncan JB would have been a better fit. The shop also had the action set a bit high, so it was minorly uncomfortable to play. I ended up passing on it, but if I see one pop up again, I'll probably still try it.


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Still have GAS for an Ibanez AZ. Just sold an EMG HetSet and my Jim Root Terror. Things are moving. Now I have to wait for the two models I like to arrive at the end of the month.

The great thing about selling the Jim Root Terror, which I honestly didn't want to sell is that I sold it to my Bass player who is also our studio guy. I only use this amp in the studio. So now I will end up using it just as much, it's just not mine anymore.
I was talking to my wife about the AZ and she was wondering why all of the sudden I want to buy this guitar, when for a little bit less cash I can have a guitar I've wanted for 10 years. I thought about it. If I buy the AZ, afterwards I will still want the other guitar that I've wanted for so long. If I buy the other guitar, by the next time I've saved up enough to buy a new guitar, I might no want the AZ anymore.

Considering the above, I did a thing. It should arrive today or tomorrow. I had to order it online, because no store in my area has it. Also, I can check it out and if anything is wrong, I can return it and request a new one. From my memory, the last time I played one, I loved it. So I will spend some time with it before making my decision final.