the g.a.s thread.

Thinking about taking a chance on a Harley Benton...
The quality on the HB doubleneck I picked up off Ebay a few weeks back is pretty decent, actually; quite a good resonant slab of mahogany for the body, Wilkinson pickups, very good setup (intonation spot on on both necks, even the octave strings on the 12-string), tuners seem pretty solid too. It's the first HB I've played and I'd be fairly happy to pick up another, assuming they're consistent in their manufacturing.
I enjoy the relatively flat boards on my Chapman, Alvarez and Samick when it comes to certain songs and stuff that I like to play and write. I'm no shredder, and I'm past the age when I could master such speed anyway. :p But I find the greater radius works for me with short runs and certain compositions, and I'd like to add something to the rack that's better quality than the latter two I mentioned, and more suited to such things. So I find myself drawn more and more to those $500 Jems, even though I don't want to learn to deal with a Floyd-style trem at all.

I could get an Ibanez with a fixed bridge, and that'd cover it. But it wouldn't be pink or have a monkey grip and tree of life inlay. :monkey: :D

GAS is stupid. :bounce: