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I don't want to upset your friend, but he might have forgotten how to count to 6.

Beautiful work. Love the scrolling on the end of the fretboard.
Those are based on his signature Ibanez. He says they can make you 6 or 7 string version with your choice of bridge. Completely hand built by template, no CNC at this point. Price ~$2.5k

“So - musically inclined friends, a friend is a really good guitar player (I believe the kids use the term "shredder"), Ibanez made him a custom guitar which he used on tour for years, but his love for playing and belief he could improve the instrument upon which he plies his craft has led him to build his owns guitars. Always one to support and share info on my friends entrepreneurial ventures and because these look bad ass, I thought I should share them.

DB Originals is his company and they have just introduced the GVY Classic (green/purple) and the GVY Deluxe (woodgrain) and can come in 6 or 7 string versions:

Mahogany body
Maple/budinga neck
Rosewood fingerboard w/ green abalone inlays
Black chrome hardware
Originial Floyd Rose tremelo
Dimarzio pick ups
1 volume (though not numbered, it goes to 11)
5 way switch
Gotoh Tuners

Mere ownership of either GVY model has been proven to increase testosterone levels in men by 36%* and make women seems 29%* hotter (the latter referred to as the "Lita Ford Effect").
*Statements not supported by FDA studies or any form of reliable science

Check out and like their FB page at DB Originals and hit em up if interested. I got my eye on a GVY Classic for my birthday...

below in the comments is his SIT Strings testimonial (where he plays more "accessible" music for those not metal inclined)”

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Damn, that's nice looking (even though it's a tele :p ).

This gorgeous Michael Kelly just popped up near me on eBay...
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Flame maple top
Reveal binding
Alder body
Bolt on neck
10.5” radius
Coil splits = 8 way switching

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Not for me this one
But if anyone REALLY wants it fire over a PM and I can help with collection/handing it to a courier etc...
The final missing parts arrived today for my upcoming strat build. Looking forward to trying out a Dimarzio Chopper (SC sized) in the bridge - anyone had any experience with one? From what I have read online, it has a great single coil-esque attack but a fatter and more punchy sound than traditional strat pickups.

Should be an interesting guitar though! NGD thread imminent. :dance: