The Car Thread


Addicted to Grunge
Last Thursday, one of the clamps on my exhaust system decided to break on me, leaving me with a very loud car. Was really lucky that the car dealer got it fixed properly by a fabrication shop, under it's warranty. Didn't need to argue with him to get it fixed, he just told us to bring it to his workshop and they will deal with it.

My family and I, have had some pretty piss poor service from people in the motor trade, but with how good this dealer has been, I have some faith restored that there are some decent ones out there (who are not friends of mine in the trade).

Managed to fix my missing drivers side sill plate and I've only got a few things to add for it to be cosmetically all sorted. I can't believe how quickly I have become totally smitten with the car. In the first 5 weeks, I've managed to clock up 1000 miles. When I last had my own car, I would average 3000 miles in a whole year!

Because of an odd quirk with how thick the rim of the steering wheel is, I had to change my driving position so I could see the speedo and by pure accident found a way that stops my lower spine from being compressed. I have been able to go out in the car when my back is really bad and after 20 mins, the pain has gone and I'm able to drive for about 90 mins without a break to stretch my back!

Worked out a couple of small things I want to do to the car this year, but next priority will be getting my Silver Jubilee up and running again. I've not had an amp since Oct and after speaking with the tech who did the work on my LP Custom, I know I'm going to have to fork out a couple hundred for a service/repair and correct replacement valve(s). It's just not the same playing my LP "unplugged".