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depends on the device

some are purely a loop for pedal to move them in and out of your signal path; others can be programmed to activate multiple loops with a single footswitch. they can also include midi switching for digital effects and control your amp channels

the Carl Martin Octa, Joyo PXL or Gigrig G2 are all ways to manage multiple pedals while avoiding the "tap dance routine" of switching lots of button on and off

some info here

Cheers Chaps!


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Question for the pedal boardists out there. Would put a pog in a loop of the switcher or after the whole switcher and the last drive pedal. Currently I've got my main boost drive pedal after the the switcher.


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i used to keep my most daft/ creative pedals after my switcher when i used the octa-switch. i always found things like shimmer, multioctiave stuff worked best out of the loops so you can add it on top of whatever tone you have set up