Supplies drying up in Canada

Just buy the black one, then spend the 300$ you saved to paint it

The title of this thread is called "supplies drying up in canada" should be changed to say "guy angry because he can't get the blowout price on the colour he wants"
"They" being Guitarworks?
No sorry missed that earlier....I was referring to cosmo not guitar works. And for the record the dark cherry was the same sale price as the black or lunar. I just simply wasn't quick enough to get the one I wanted on sale. Then found out the one left was somehow damaged and not for sale. So not angry, more remorseful.
Here's my advice, if you really have your heart set on the red one you wont regret the extra 300 bones. I bought my ml3 in 2016 and would have missed out if I was a year later. I honestly only got into Chapman for the awesome natural finishes, that they don't do at all these days.
I am going to email GW and see what they say time line wise. I was also looking seriously at the ML3 semi hollow obsidian burst should the other option not pan out. $892 is one hell of a price tho for ML3 Pro Modern, making it a bit harder decision. Ideally I would win the lottery and I could have the sale guitar, order the cherry ML3, and then preorder the semi hollow. Then maybe I will be happy. Maybe
If you go for the hollow body, please let me know, I'd be interested to learn about your experience with GC and ordering online from the states, I suppose you could go pick it up in person and drive it to Canada, but they would still hit you with fees at the border,.
Will keep ya posted. likely won't order one till they are available in Canada. Chapman has said they will be at some point, through who remains to be seen. I have been avoiding ordering anything from the states, between dollar conversion, duties, and such not worth it.

But hoping it won't take too long as I have serious gas for that obsidian burst.
I contacted Chapman guitars....I think it was on Instagram and they advised coming to Canada in 2019. Will see if I can find that reply again, but for some reason I am thinking April. Let me go back and check....
Guitar works also confirmed the dark cherry ML3 Pro Modern has been discontinued by Chapman guitars. Maybe I need a ML1 Norseman in my collection instead


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Weird. Isn’t the ML3-Pro in cherry a 2018 release? I guess maybe they make those decisions based on sales. I wonder what’s in store for 2019 NAMM.