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    When doing string changes, we all stretch our strings so they are stable. For me, Ernie Ball Cobalts are incredibly stable after the initial stretching. YMMV.

    There are many ways that people stretch their strings: manual 2-hand stretching, just play and bend all the notes on the fret board, etc.

    I always used my planet waves string winder, which came with a stretcher in it. Unfortunately, they don't make it any longer, and I seem to misplaced mine. So, I bought a Stretcha

    You simply placed the front ball under the string, and the middle ball over the string, and go the length of your fret board. One or two round trips, and the string is completely stretched. The whole process takes seconds for the entire neck.

    It works exactly like it should. In fact, it's even easier than the old planet waves string winder.

    10/10 - Works perfectly.

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