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For Sale Strat Plus Specced Loaded Pickguard (Lace Sensor Golds + TBX Boost) £115+ Postage


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Due to me now owning a genuine Strat Plus and the fact my "Fender 50th Anniversary Limited Edition American Standard Strat" also comes with a TBX boost and the replica I built using a MIM Fender Strat, is now getting changed back to original spec.

Because of that I decided to sell it's "loaded" pickguard. This means it will come with.......

3x Lace Sensor Gold P'UPS (they are genuinely the best noiseless pup you'll ever use)
Fender TBX Boost Tone Pot (this is for the bridge position)
3 Ply Pickguard in White
250k Volume and "top" Tone Pots
Fender 5 Pickup Selector Switch
This was a really expensive pickguard to make due to how expensive genuine Lace Sensors are to buy (They cost £180 and I also got hit with bloody import tax!) and the TBX boost pot (£20) , but I am offering it at a really decent price to my fellow Forum members for just £115 + postage.

I've had this setup since Christmas 2014 and it's performed flawlessly. Seriously Lace Sensors are almost perfectly immune to 60mhz hum and background hiss.

Drop me a PM if you're interested.


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Sid the sexist
If I hadn't literally just fitted fender noiseless pickups in my Strat I'd be all over this like a rash. Brilliant price & someone is going to get a real bargain. You haven't got a spare boost circuit kicking around have you?


Addicted to Grunge
Hey "BB". Sorry dude, the Clapton boost circuit is one of the few extra's that were not present in the Strat Pluses.

I recently did a trade+incoming cash for my 5 week old, Fender American Elite Stratocaster. The Elite Strat's have the N3 noiseless pups and I still believe the Lace Sensors are a quieter pup and just had an edge over the Fender N3's.

Because I recently aquired Strat Plus Deluxe, it has the Lace Sensor Blue, Silver and Red configuration. Again just as quiet as the golds, but have a much more dynamic tones to them. Also the Red is really hot for a Lace Sensor, yet it's still as quiet as all the others.