Strap locks?


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They are on my 7 string, and I find them most useful when taking the strap of my guitar rather then keeping it on :p you just in clip them :)

On my LP I just have the little plastic strap locks that you can remove. They work a treat and cost next to nothing :)


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The thought of that guitar of yours dropping gives me a stomach ache.

I have straplocks on my old guitars, but the thread has started wearing down which caused my one of my PRS' albeit an SE to drive it's headstock into the ground taking a quite a chip out if it. Must say that, with a new proper strap (I use Levy's nice leather ones) and the original PRS strapbuttons, I have never had an issue. They are very snug and the button has a sizeable 'washer' on it. I'm happy to keep them on in the house, though if I start playing with a band again I might switch to locks just to be sure, but keep an eye out if they are still tightened properly!


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I have used all kinds of strap-locks, here are my thoughts...

Schaller - great lock mechanism... However - the screws that hold the pins have a tiny thread on them, so are likely to be pulled straight out the wood - also, the nut that holds the mechanism on the strap can work loose easily

Dimarzio Clip-locks - they don't come loose, however there is the scratching mentioned above...

Jim Dunlop Plastic Straplocks/Grolsch Bottle Tops/Washers - In essence the same idea as the cliplocks, but harder to take the strap off your guitar

Dunlop Straplocks - these are the best IMO... Mechanism doesn't break, doesn't come loose on the strap, better screw to hold it in place, and aesthetically better looking than the Schallers... Only downside is they're more expensive than washers/Grolsch bottles tops!!


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I have the Schaller ones on all my decent guitars, I tried the little plastic thingies that fit over your strap and strap-button, but I found they would just ping off.

I guess I wouldn't put them on a 40 year old les paul, but I wouldn't be without them.

For me, the "damage" of screwing in the strap locks is a better risk than dropping a guitar on stage


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i have to put them on my LP or else the strap will come off. they are cheap and a sure fire way to not drop your guitar, so why not get them?


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commercial strap locks are a bit sucky. i use these:

I do somewhat like this system, but it only works aesthetically on certain guitars. For example, Eddie Van Halen is known to have used eyebolts on some of his guitars, and I think they work well, going with the sort of reckless, garage hot rod aesthetic most of his guitars have (particularly the striped ones). They might work on a blackguard Tele, given its simple, workman-like image. At any rate, it's certainly a durable system. Personally, I own both Dunlop and Schaller strap locks, and prefer the Schallers. Given more DIY solutions' lower prices, though, I think I will roll my own in the future.


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I have Dunlop Dual Design strap locks on every electric guitar I own, and if I could put them on my acoustics (acoustic/electric - the rear button doubles as the output jack) I would.


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I've got schallers on Cokie. Ended up using the screws that were already in the guitar cos the schaller ones were shite, but now it's just fine. I sincerely doubt they are going anywhere :D


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I used to use the Schaller straplocks on my favourite guitars for quite a while. Last year one of them just quite literally fell apart on me while I was practicing with one of my groups for an ensemble class at school, and then the Schallers came off of every guitar I had 'em on.

Recently, I've been trying out the Ernie Ball straplocks on my PRS and my Hamer. Really heavy duty, and real classy-looking. Pretty quick mechanism too. You just squeeze each side of it, and it pops right in or out.