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To suggest aesthetics isn’t important is a little futile. Of course it’s functionality must be the most important along with the tone it gives you in your chain. But if we applied the flawed logic to everything in life we’d be living in a grey scale boring world. Some form of design is necessary for both the company and the consumer.
well there is someone again who isn't reading what I actually wrote. I said guitars looks make me want to play a pedals looks don't. how is futile to express my opinion on a topic? I don't think the looks are important. the other questions are important, the price? the manufacturer? the parts?


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The previous guitarist in my band would bring a Marshall 4x12 for his Fender Mustang modelling combo to sit on, despite not being actually connected. He also insisted on buying a expensive, massive, oversized banner with our name/logo on it for the one gig he played with us.

To some people image is massively important, others less. I don't like pedals that are too big or unnecessarily shaped but some decoration will always catch the eye, even if for someone to ask 'What's that one do?'

Each to their own.


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There are cheaper options than the GigRig that works just as well. Check out the G-Lab and One Control stuff. I used a Once Control unit for a while before switch to the HX Effects. It was awesome.


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I don't like the branding. It sounds like something that sounded cool in the creator's head, but in reality is kind of lame. I do like the looks. Can't really judge the sound. Do we really need more OD and distortion pedals? I am curious about the pricing.
This is a bloke who's in a band called "Clockwork Wolf". Are you really surprised?