Single player v online


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I know Chappers plays WoW. I'd probably resub if he started a Monkey Lord guild with people on here.
There's nothing stopping us from doing the same :)
Except I don't have anywhere near the time I used to have. If I'd raid once a week that'd be it.

And nowadays you have stuff like destiny 2. Much quicker to get started and also with raids.

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It's fun soloing the old 25 man raids on heroic, such as Firelands. A L110 Huntard or Rogue can zip through in no time...just make sure you have plenty of bag space.

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Red Dead Redemption 2. Only the single player is available at the minute, but wow. It's outstanding.
I've been contemplating getting this after I finish the latest Tomb Raider (which is going to take for ever because I'm playing it with Kerry and I can't remember the last time we sat down to play). I never played the first one (although I think Kerry owns a copy for Xbox 360), is that a problem or can I jump right in?

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Nah it'll be fine. It's set 10 years before Red Dead Redemption, and the character you play in that game appears in this, but you don't play as him. It's a prequel but realistically it doesn't matter if you've played the first game.

I'd still recommend playing Red Dead 1, because it's also a fantastic game. Someone spoiled the end for me so I never finished it, but that's not the games fault.

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Ya'll just missed one of the best deals on Steam this weekend (sorry, I should have posted on here). Saints Row 3 and 4 were on offer for less than £3 each. I already had SR 2 & 4, but my copy of 3 was...well...a copy, so I thought it was about time I bought a legit version. I got the full SR 3 pack including all DLC for £2.74

If you haven't played these, you need to.