Shop Experience Thread


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Its been quite a long time since ive been to these places but ill just share my experiences:

Gak: I was never keen on that store this was years ago though i went so i dont know if it has changed but trying items seemeed a pain in the arse and hard work with the staff. The store was very crowded also one of my least favourite places.

Andertons: Ive bought two acoustics from them before online and they was fine good service. Ive visited the store once to try out some gear and It was pretty busy there. A good selection of guitars but I kinda lost patience in trying stuff there due to how busy it was.

Guitar village: my favourite guitar store. It was quite when i went I was looking for a customshop strat at the time they had a nice selection and I liked the relaxed atmosphere. A much nicer selection of guitars also what a great store. I didnt end up buying anything though

Peach guitars: A small store with a high end selection and friendly staff and I got a little discount on the 62 cs i bought back then sadly i no longer have :(

county music canterbury: This is of no comparisson to he big major stores above just one thats local to me. Staff are pretty rude here and have an attitude. Im not a fan of that store at all but theres not much down this way.

village guitars wingham: They have a decent selection of guitars now and then but there prices are rediculous everything is way overpriced. alright for a look but not to buy lol.

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There's a certain shop I occasionally go to where the owners have the very annoying custom of standing about 10 foot away from you staring as you look at the guitars on the wall like they expect you to grab one and run. Give me some space for crying out loud!