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There's a new guy in Rockbottom, Croydon. He's much nicer and more helpful than some of their other staff. Said they'd order a JVM in if I wanted it and pricematch Andertons. Even though I said it was just in theory and won't be for a few months if at all. They also stock single strings now, which I'm sure they never used too, but that might have been Martin Phelps.
All in all, it's become a shop actually worth visiting occasionally now.
Crino's Music Fredonia New York. I have never bought a guitar from Crino's, because they are a Fender and ESP Dealer, and I am a Gibson player. However, I buy strings, picks, polishing cloths, etc. I can't tell You how many times I have needed Nut work, intonation, all smaller stuff, and most of the time, their string man has only charged me for parts, and zero for labor, and the guy really knows his stuff.
I messed with my truss rod one day trying to get it set up for a bigger string size, and I had it screwed up with a gig three hours away. He stayed a half hour late, put a new set of strings on gratis, and had my guitar spot on in 45 minutes. If there is a "Guitarist's Friend " award, they deserve one. They also have lots of Peavey and Mesa Boogie amps. A1 5 Star Great Old Time Music Store. I love 'em.


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What a fantastic place too shop. I'd go work for them for free. They stock a lot of stuff no ones else does and they care about getting the small things to you next day.

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Waltons Music - Dublin

Countless staff, some busy... most not. Not even so much as a "what about ye?", "hows it goin?".... I played a Tele for at least 15 minutes and fell in love with it. I would have stupidly bought it only for the fact that they werent interested in me at all. Their loss.

X-Music - Dublin

A few nice guitars. Better lay out and better presented shop. One salesman would have rather sat and played his acoustic along to REM than ask me if I was interested in the Red Les Paul I came in to eye up. Again, left without even a "hi"...

Music Minds - Dublin

The smallest shop. Loads of stock crammed in but nothing overly impressive apart from the £98 Squire Strat I saw. Lovely salesman, genuinely just wanted to talk to us. Left feeling bad that I didnt buy the guitar. Definitely the best shop when it came to common courtesy.
If you're looking for genuine Ibanez replacement parts, try

The prices seem to be fair, as far I can tell and the shipping was really fast. Placed my order yesterday, the new locking nut arrived just about an hour ago.

They also carry Meinl (obviously), Mesa Boogie, Tama and a couple of other brands.


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Dunno if it counts as a shop, but I've bought a lot of little bits through Black Dog Music (usually through Amazon, but can also be found at Saddles and tuners, etc. Gear comes pretty quickly at reasonable prices and comes with a 1mm Pick that's made of jesus or something. It might well just be tortex or something but I swear they're magical.
Hahaha. I thought the same thing about that freebie pick their stuff comes with! Glad I'm not the only one. :)

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I had the good fortune to be working Quite close to Guildford a week or so back Imagine my utter delight when I discovered Andertons were open on Sunday's - I drove over on my way back to Somerset - had a browse around an came away with a Phaser 90 pedal, a Tone City Delay , a MXR Dyna Comp pedal and a few cables

The staff were enthusiastic and professional despite it being a Sunday and no one wants to work on Sunday- so highly recommend, I shall be planning a re-visit in the next month or so, despite the 4 hr drive



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PMT in Norwich are absolutely lovely chaps, very helpful, great range of guitars amps etc etc. Just overall a very pleasant experience.

Came away with a pedal. Very refreshing to deal with good peeps after some of the sh*tholes I've dealt with over the years :)


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Andertons have always been great to me - swapped out a Micro Dark after the 14-day returns window for a completely different head. Couriered a replacement cable when the wrong one turned up in my order within 24 hours. Gave me a free set of strings for waiting while another customer was served. Price-matched without even a quibble. I literally cannot speak more highly of them and will give them all my new-gear business forever.

I visited these guys earlier in the year and I was thoroughly unimpressed - all the basses had a thick layer of dust, well above going prices - the 'space to play' was the corner of a side room into a no-name amp, offering well below market price for the part-ex I'd bought after we discussed over the phone.
They're in an odd place where they aren't quite a small local shop but they aren't a massive superstore either. I think they cater more for the guitarist because there is more of them. Their bass department is cramped in with the Audio equipment and keyboards because there just isn't the space, nor the money to extend.

I have gotten to know the guys there very well as my band now practice there a lot, so I'm probably a bit biased now.


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Sound Affects Music in Ormskirk is fantastic. Lots of guitars to play with friendly staff and nice rooms. Right next to the train station too.

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The place I usually go to to buy guitars and pedals?
That would be the Cafe Nero on Dundas Street in Glasgow.
I should fess up at this point that they don't actually sell guitars.
Or pedals.
But they make excellent coffee and it's just across from the station
So perfect for doing secondhand deals in.
Comfy seats too:)
And a major upgrade from kicking my heels in ASDA's car park
That I can assure you...
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3 trips between 2010 & 2014, parking was always a concern however never an issue, service was good and was made to feel very comfertable whilst testing and purchasing.
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Great experience, i was totally hyped spending so much on a guitar, i used to dream about this kind of thing when i was young. The guys in the shop were great, they told me to enjoy the moment, they sell a lot of high end guitars but that day i was "That Customer" and the whole experience was first class.
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Very simular to the Epson experience. Helpful staff and given as much assisytance as needed. Parking not to good at the store however its just been given a make over and additional customer parking.

Hope the above helps.


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Back in November 2015 i went to LA on holiday from Australia and was in the market for a Gibson SG first call was guitar centre on sunset blvd they had no 2016 models in stock but they said they could order one in and i would have to pay the shipping to get it to the store WTF.

Next i went across the street to Sam Ash after talking to an employee there and explaing i was after an SG but would really prefer a colour other than cherry red or ebony he said we can get the 2016 in other colours so gos and looks it up on the computer just to come back and say all they can get is cherry and ebony surprise, surprise.

By this time i had fell in love with a ebony SG and was ready to do a deal but needed a decent flight case to get it back to Austalia after watching the guy try and fit it in every case they had in the shop including a les paul case WTF he says they don't have one you will have to go over to GC and buy a case then come back here and buy the guitar, nedles to say i left there empty handed.

Next stop Normans rare guitars after recovering from the sight of all the vintage guitars, i was graciously given a stool and an amp plus access to more SG 's in my price range than i could ever imagine, i finally decided on a 2013 1961 reissue in cherry red but the action was a little high for my liking they where happy to adjust it for me, i mentioned that i needed a flight case to suit the guitar so they had a look in the store room and found exactly what i needed and threw it in for free along with a set of strings and a t shirt, while we where finalizing the paper work Norms son a asked me if i would like a tour of the back room where he gave me a tour of the good stuff 1960 burst, black beuty, 52 tele 54 strat and others i cant remember.

Then i went to pay for the SG and they hand me two receipts one for the agreed price and one for substantially less so i would not have to pay import tax back home.

So for anyone going to LA Norms is a must.

But if you are in Vegas don't even bother driving out to the slums (im serious thats where it is) Cow town guitars Jessie was by far the most arrogant guitar shop owner/employee i have ever came across


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Just a minor +1 on PMT's Customer Service.

Sent an email as I hadn't received any dispatch notifications and it didn't arrive for the Saturday delivery I paid for.

Got a link to the tracking that says it's out for delivery today soon after, and the extra £5 the saturday delivery costed in a paypal refund 3 minutes later.