ok so i got a Boss Pitch Shifter and a Morely Power Wah Volume Pedal and im going to ignore the details of how i got them.

i love the functions on the pitch shifter but lately i kind of wish i had a whammy pedal, since more control seems a bit more practical. so what do you guys think would be better, sell this and get a digitech whammy pedal, save up and buy an expression pedal for it, or just leave it how it is.
Needless to say Tom Morello is a huge influence of mine :D

The Power Wah Volume pedal is an alright wah sound wise but i can live with that, kind of harsh sounding and isnt very gradual (what i dont like). The button doesnt annoy me which im sure it does for other people, but i have been able to hit it pretty easily. The Volume pedal function on it i love, but even having it and i still dont think i would ever go out of my way to get a volume pedal. I saw rob's vid on the Wowee Wah and it really interested me, also the Glad wah pad (there is a wah i might be able to get from a friend but the whole original sounding wah i really like still)

anyways, just trying to improve on my gear :D
Honestly I suggest you toss your moxely and get a potentiometer based wah like a dunlop or vox. Best effect investment you can make is a decent wah pedal, even Ive got one and I HATE pedals. Whether you go with a cry baby or vox is personal preference, I went dunlop because I got a good deal on the hendrix wah.

As for the digitech, my understanding is that its a rather limited pedal. I dont use a whammy pedal, so I cant speak from personal experience, only share what Ive heard from the other guys at that place where anon comes from.


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I have a Vox Wah. To me, it is super shrill. It goes from super low end, to piercing high end. Thats just mine though. I want something smoother and covers less of a range. That wowee wah sounded awesome.
I also got the vox wah, and it is good for the basic stuff, but the more you play it the more you realize your not getting all that you need from it. I'd suggest you a wah, but what's your price range and style
umm $200 at the most, $70-90 is preferable or cheaper :D
i do play a kind of rage against the machine style but im not actually a fan of tom morello's tone >P
but i play a lot of different stuff too, so versatility is key for me
not a big shredder, but i do add little melodies and all that good stuff

so i mean a wah that i could do some experimental and pretty metal stuff, then jump to clean and bluesy would be great

id give a better description but ive been kind of busy lately so ill get back to you in abit :D
if you liked the Wowee wah, you should try to find and try one out.
Ive heard good things about the Ibanez Weeping Demon, I heard it does metal and ect. well. There are tons of them out there, Ex. The monkey lord himself used just a Crybaby wah for the brothers recording. so its up to preference and sound


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Fulltone makes two versions of wah the clyde wah and the clyde deluxe, it's a pretty nice wah and the latter has like 3 different voicings, the deluxe is kinda of expensive though, like $279 I think, but the other one is around $200 I believe. Also a guy named Kevin Randall makes a great wah pedal, but you'll have to get on the waiting list and it costs about $200 for that one. Crybaby modded by Keeley might be the best option for you, like mentioned before. There is lots of wahs out there for sure, so try a bunch of them!