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So in his latest installment, the infamous Scott Grove mentioned that he and Chappers may bump into each other at the NAMM show. He says basically that he will take his camera and will bitch slap him. He then proceeds to say "he's being a puss so...". I can't wait to see Rob handle him with only his wits and humor. Though I have the feeling that Grove will be nowhere to be found.

What do you want, Grove is the epitome of the internet troll. Never gets out of his place, has a looot of time for himself, a very high opinions of himself and cannot suffer any disagreement over the even smallest subject and will out of his way to insult random people in the comments section.

On his channel, ratings are down and any comments that doesn't go his way are systematically deleted and the person behind it is blocked. He sometimes goes to the extent of sending a MP to that person, insulting and threatening him.

That being said, I still subscribe to his channel because if you manage to pass through all the hate and drivels (you got to ear him talking about how to treat illegal immigrants and how to resolve the Middle East problems - think nuke - it's priceless), he still has some really cool guitars, some serious country chops (though his dexterity isn't what it probably used to be). And even some good point about the whole guitar business. You just got to be aware that he has no concept of subjectivity, other than his own, that is. He doesn't like carrots. If you do, you are an asshole. That's basically it =)

Anyway, here's the video where he kinda threatens our good Chappers.:


And then, he had kids.
Despite of everything, him taking on Chappers and the Captain (in terms of pure marketing, taking on anotherworldwide famous YT icon is of course bound to eventually create a buzz that ends up in more views, in his mind anyway)and even "threatening" some b% tch slappin for NAMM (which I'm pretty sure will end up in a curteous chat anyway), I still enjoy watching(some of) his videos, because as the OP said, he does provide useful guitar maintenance info, debunks many of the guitar-related marketing bs out there, albeit in the most despicable and arrogant manner.

Rob and Lee have in my opinion reacted in the nicest and smartest way possible, which must piss him off even more, especially since it seems he's the one who can't get over it and move along by mentioning them time and again.