Rockerverb 50 on EL34?


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I've heard that the RV50 can run with 2 El34 insteed of 4 6v6, with a little rebias. Did anyone try it? I like the sound of el34 but rv100 is too much for me, so maybe this is my dream amp!

What do you think?


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Haven't tried this yet, but I'm sure it would be interesting. I think it would definitely change the sound of the amp a good bit, for the better or worse I'm not sure. Depends on who is listening to, lol.

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To be honest I would just get the Rockerverb 100 if you want to run EL34's, it is louder but not much... the main difference is in the available headroom on the clean channel.


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Really? Can you discribe what do you prefer on the 100Watts? I'm that there will be too much headroom for me... may sounds weird but I want my clean to start to overdrive without going deaf...

That's why I was thinking about the RV-50 with 2 EL-34... On the other hand I know that if a tube blow on the RV100 the amp star running at half power, can I use the amp at half power all the time if prefer to...?
I need a really pristine, full, and deep clean sound. I just felt the RV100 delivered better than the RV50 on that. To me, and my sound, the RV50's cleans were pretty lackluster and unusable. If I had an RV50, it's solely be for the dirty channel. But, alas, I already have an amp I use just for the dirty channel (Splawn Quick Rod).
The increase in volume from 50w to 100w is only like 3db because of diminishing returns. If you need exact numbers do a google search.

If you fear the volume, going from 4x12 to 1x12 or using inefficient speakers will make a much bigger difference. This is much less true going from say 5w to 15w or 22w to 50w. If you want non deafening distortion, you need el84s, not el34s.


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So if I understand Toxedo Kaz, you think that the dirty channel of the rv-50 is better than the rv-100?

Any comments on the tone of the rockerverb 50 or 100 at bedroom level?
No, I think the dirty channel of the RV50 & 100 are pretty much the same. The 100 just needs a bit of cranking comparatively. I however, much prefer the boldness of the 100 for cleans.

Actually, unlike a lot of tube amps, the RV50 sounds amazing even at sane volumes. I was pretty shocked.


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I haven't really played the RV100, but I own the RV50 and I was pretty surprised at how good it sounds at fairly low levels. Don't get me wrong though it really starts getting nice at about 5 on volume, but that's pretty loud for bedroom levels, heheh.