RCF Soundcloud Upload Thread

Have a listen to my first efforts at writing a tune in open G tuning. Only 5 strings and a new set of chord shapes makes for some interesting progressions. This is a rough play through with my two band mates :)
Love it dude. About 0:50 I thought a dive would be good here. :dance: Did you come up with the entire thing yourself? (Drums and all)
cheers Wuzza. Yes made from scratch - bass, guitar, ambient sounds. The drums are a sample though. Made in Reaper today based on the song “on the beach” by York. Quite fancy sometimes doing completely random songs !

Bass was tracked using toontrack EZ bass. Guitar was through Neural DSP into Reaper.

Dive bomb would have lasted longer if the noise gate didn't cut it off!
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Cheers bud. Drums in Beatcraft, everything else is guitar from Pod Farm, through a UX1. That long ago cant remember what I used to put it together. :)