RCF 2018/9 Double Jam! Winter and Spring


Northern Monkey
Well, I've only received two entries so far and I haven't yet finished mine - this week I have visitors until tomorrow. I'll try to finish something after that.

However, TBH with only three entries I don't think it's worth doing the video. Is anybody else planning on doing this one?
Damn, still so few even with the extended deadline? Oh dear.
You can send me some pictures and I can make a slideshow out of them, or something like that.

I have a long weekend starting tomorrow so hopefully I'll have the time to finish recording something. If we have four entries, that's perhaps a bare minimum to make it worth doing. Still, if anybody else is thinking about doing something, please do so and let me know (when) to expect it!


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Do we have 4 or 5 entries ready for this one? I’m home from my vacation on Sunday/Monday and could stitch it together then provided there’s a way for me to get the files. @GloopyJon are all the files still in the dropbox? Would it be possible for me to download them from there?
Sorry, this is my fault - I haven't managed to put together an entry and those that I've received have been sitting around. I've had three entries, and I wanted to make one myself to get it up to four, which (perhaps arbitrarily) I feel is the minimum for it to be worth producing the video.

@Strigidae if you want to take over the video editing for this one, I wouldn't object :) I will try to push myself to see if I can complete an entry over the weekend (it's another long weekend as we have a holiday on Monday) and perhaps I'll get around to doing it myself. Let's touch bass over the weekend.
Sorry, I wanted to make an entry to get up to four but despite several attempts I could never get anything that worked for me, plus life has not been conducive to sitting and concentrating on stuff like this recently.

If by any chance I do manage to do it, or if anyone else puts one together, I can still do the video. I just think three entries are too few to make it worthwhile, although I can throw them together if you all want.

Wade Garrett

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I'd love to join in. The problem I have is things get packed into the studio as it's the biggest room we have. It all just adds up over time and it gets to be a real mission to sort it out. There's extra stuff in there at the moment because I'm sorting a few things out in the bedroom at the moment.