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Terminator: Dark fate.
six, or three or whatever the hell it's number is supposed to be.

So I'm a SF nerd. I love terminator. I've seen the second one at the movies when I was 11. That first scene scared the bejeesus out of me. I didn't care much for 3 and 4. Genysis was actually fun. I don't know why it got so many bad review.
Dark fate isn't getting much love either but I had a great time. Sure it repeats some story beats and it's hard to do something different by now. I loved Grace (that blonde chick from "halt and catch fire"). Linda Hamilton was great. And Arnold was a delight. He had me laughing with tears in my eyes at two points. So if you like robots from the future and stuff blowing up. Check this one out.
A solid 4 out of 5 terminated saviors of humanity.

John Connor is killed in the opening scene. Since skynet is stopped he isn't going to save us anymore. But there are some terminators from the old future walking about.
The terminator is "Efficient at changing diapers, doesn't complain and is a good listener"
The terminator "Once had a customer who wanted solid colour drapes for a little girls room" It told him no.. "Ofcourse you need polka dots or butterflies

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Finally watched 'It'.
I liked it. Mostly jump scares, but it's got a good atmosphere and that fuggin' clown is very effectively creepy.
Now maybe I'll see the second half sometime next year. :D

I also thought it was funny that, during the rock war, a kid was wearing a Metallica shirt, but the song playing was by Anthrax. :D
Anthrax rules.

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The Pilgrim's Progress.

It's awful. Cheap looking animation and a bad script. To be fair though I can only speak of the first 20mis, I couldn't make it any further. That's a very rare thing for me.