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They did used to put The Great Escape on at Christmas a lot. Seems a bit odd now you think about it.

p.s. Does Enter the Dragon count as a Christmas Movie?
Back to the Future 1 & 2. Excellent of course, immeasurable nostalgia. I have seen these movies more times than I can count but just now noticed how dumb the premise for the entire BTTF 2 plot is.

In case anyone forgot (spoilers but it's not like it matters): Doc Brown travels back to 1985 from 2015 to tell Marty and his gf there's a problem with their future kids. Meaning, they will be in trouble in 30 years... yeah they have time to figure something out. So anyway, both of them go to the future, so let's assume it's one of those things that just has to be experienced to be prevented. They make Jennifer fall asleep so she stops asking questions and leave her in an alley... yeah... why not in the car? OK so Marty helps his future kid not get into trouble and the police finds Jennifer who is identified by a device and they watch as the cops drive her home... but Marty could have easily interrupted pretending to be her kid (or, you know, her husband who also got magical plastic surgery). And then they go pick her up and Marty leaves the Delorean alone with the door open! If you ask me Biff might be an abusive "butthead" but why do only Marty and Doc Brown get to go around changing history in their favor? Of course his 1985 is a dystopian nightmare but you can't blame him for trying. The rest of the movie is awesome of course but up to this point the plot is incredibly nonsensical. I still love this movie regardless.

Edit: Oh yeah rating. No numbers, they're all awesome.
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Ready Player One, I give it a 2.5 stars out of 5. It really goes off in a different direction from the book and isn't nearly as dark; the overall story is correct, but the path from beginning to end is too different. In the book people that died are still alive, the cool challenge involving playing a Rush song is missing, the first challenge was playing Joust in the book, not a backwards car race. Still a decent flick, but you can tell it was aimed at a younger crowd (as was the book - but us old farts like the 80's memories).

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Rock of Ages - 9/10

Watched it for the first time last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Tom Cruise showed just how awesome he can be at almost anything.
I've been in a retro mood lately and rewatching lots of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. Conan the Barbarian and Predator were a lot better than I remembered. It's kind of amusing how, despite being typecast as the aggressive/monstrous type, Arnold actually managed to be in a lot of really good, memorable movies. My favorites are probably Running Man and Terminator 1/2.

I also rewatched Predator 2 and Alien. What is it about these movies that makes them so damn good? We tried watching Alien Covenant a while ago and it was so "meh" we just stopped it.


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The Lion King remake....it was The Lion King. Looks good though.
I also saw the remake last Wednesday. I really had to get used to the look of it in the beginning. It felt like watching a nature documentary with overdubs. Once I got used to, it felt natural (no pun intended). I even started feeling like this is better than the original. I loved it. The only thing I didn't like, but I understand why it was done is that my favorite song from the original 'Be Prepared' was kind of shortened, and more of a spoken word thing. I was looking forward to hearing it again, but I guess this works better with the more serious hyena's.

I liked it. 9/10! They lose the one point for butchering my favorite song.


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I also rewatched Predator 2 and Alien. What is it about these movies that makes them so damn good? We tried watching Alien Covenant a while ago and it was so "meh" we just stopped it.
Alien and Aliens were masterpieces. Alien 3 has aged a lot better then I expected and 4 is... bland.
I think the difference between the older movies and the newer movies is that the pace was better and the stakes were more personal. We get a fun and joking crew in Alien. We can imagine being part of it. Before things slowly getting worse and worse. In Aliens we're with the soldiers.. Let's get these things! It'll be different now!
In the new movies we barely know who's who before people die.. It's all spectacle and show. Action scenes make up a lot more of the runtime it seems. They also went the "wrong" way for me with the explanations and origins. I don't like prequels in general. There's nothing in them that couldn't have been told by an archeological dig and it prevents so much continuity problems..


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.........They lose the one point for butchering my favorite song.
I won't be watching it as a matter of principle for similar reasons after my daughter-in-law expressed her disappointment after an otherwise entertaining and enjoyable film.

No Timone and Puma Hula song - I mean, why what can't I be a big pig too?:dance:

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That's one of my dads go-to songs to sing.

I just checked and The Lion King came out in 1994, so if I watched it on video it was probably 1995 making me 19 haha. Legally better alcohol-wise but says more about me I guess (though I'm 43 now and the thought of that bit still makes me smile).