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I went to the BFI and saw the Seventh Seal as part of their Ingmar Bergman season. An all time great film, and despite the BFI's poor leg room giving me a bit of a cramp for the last 30m or so, I really loved it. I've been trying to watch more Bergman after seeing the Old Vic's production of Fanny and Alexander last year, and in to more Nordic film generally, this has definitely got me excited to dive further in. Unquestionable classic, 9/10.

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The Dark Tower - 0/10 - After 10 minutes I wanted to scrub my eyes with Dettol and a wire brush. Ignoring for one second the "It's not a patch on the books" factor (which it isn't...about the only thing it has in common is the names of the characters), it's just a truly dreadful movie. Disjointed, wooden performances from usually excellent actors, abysmal dialogue. THBBFT!


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LEGO Movie 2 is gold. I think the fact that I had higher expectations that the first one (where I expected utter crap) meant I probably enjoyed it less but I think it's an extremely good film and a worthy sequel. 8/10

All Is True is good if you like watching Kenneth Branagh and Ian McKellen flirt. which I do. 7/10


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bohemian rhapsody: 8/10 had fun nice songs. Nice insight in how things were. Yes could've been better but was very enjoyable.

Black mirror bandersnatch: If you like black mirror it's certainly worth your time. The gimmick does come at the cost of the finetuned episodes you're used to but it does get delightfully meta at some points.

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Venom 8/10
Really enjoyed it and didn’t feel it lost anything from the absence of Spidey
Plus the film gives waaaay better context for why Venom says the things he does to prospective victims;
That dialogue a bit *forced* and off in the trailer...