Rare music stuff thread


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I think most of us have rarities in our collection. Maybe it's a cd, a band shirt, the pick of destiny.. And they all have stories about how we got to have them.. So bring on the interesting anecdotes!

As I was playing a song last week I remembered how much effort it took to find the cd back in the day. Enter.. Limousine..
I heard the song "lila" on a movie festival as soundtrack on a short film about a camping.. And it matched perfectly. So I shazamed it. It was on spotify, but I did'nt use that yet. So I got searching for the cd.. I can't find the article about it anymore. I might well have been in french and auto translated. Turns out the band was a side project by a French jazz musician. Only a couple of thousand cd's were pressed and most are probably gathering dust in warehouses in france now. It was a REAL pain to get. So when I found one for 80 euro including shipping on amazon.fr offered by some specialty music store I bought the cd.
The rest isn't bad but that one song.. That was money well spend.

My second (a bit less) rarity is also a cd.
Now I missed the release of this CD completely. Or actually I missed the band completely. Which is strange as I've been a fan of the Gathering since '98. Somehow this slipped under my radar until it was too late. Why you ask? How hard can it be to buy a cd of such a well known band?
Thing is that the band had an issue with the record company that released this cd and as a result there was never a second pressing of the cd. I see on wikipedia now that there's been a re-release in 2009 of just 2000 cd's. Worse, the cd still isn't on spotify while all the others are. I'm not sure after how many years the rights return to the band but it's high time. This album, while very much a product of its time, is a wierd mix of electro and metal but somehow pushing all my buttons. So.. After a lot of searching I ended up with a used cd in my collection that's been digitized a long time ago and now sitting somewhere in my attic.

So what are your gems with a story?
I think that my most obscure CD is a collection of the best of the Comedian Harmonists. I'm a fan of the King's Singers, and when I was in a quartet we used to attempt some of their songs and we saw them in concert two or three times. There is an early CD of theirs called A Tribute to the Comedian Harmonists, who - despite their English name - were a popular German a cappella group in the 1920s and 1930s. I'd never heard any of their original songs, but one day I happened to see this CD in a remainder bin in one of these shops that sells cheap books and CDs etc. It's very rare for me to even look in one of these shops, and I had no idea that the CD even existed.

Curiously, the King's Singers CD contains mostly or all songs in German - which is natural since the CHs were German - but the Comedian Harmonists' CD contains mostly songs in French.

Maybe I should suggest to Leo of Frog Leap Studios that he should do a metal version of one of their songs! :)