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Stop, don’t, come back.

aye. Spot is a nice axe

you might want to have a look at monty's - they are expensive, but - fuck-o-la - they are good. and he has a 20% off for lockdown. great looms too


rather than gilding those lillies you already own - the custom is rockin btw - why not something new? such as... ;)



A new guitar is off my radar tbh due to currently owning about 10 with 7 of them in a large guitar stand and the other 3 in cases I'm full and I love them all.

I've been thinking about upgrading the humbuckers in the flame top for a while. They just don't do it for me. I have purchased a set of Irongear Rolling Mills overwound a while back for this guitar but haven't got round to fitting them. I'm now thinking of getting a cream set of humbuckers. Time to head to the GAS thread.

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