Rack is back. Part II


Subtly not giving a F*ck
Amateur ;) - my youngest two (5 & 8) have stereos in their bedrooms playing a 2 minute recording of waves on loop from bedtime until I go to bed. The pink/brown noise is enough for them never to have complained about my guitar playing (although we do have to take the stereos with us whenever we travel anywhere). My wife gets a bit grumpy but I bought her some really good ear plugs. The neighbours on both sides are deaf. My 11 year old thinks its cool although himself likes to go to sleep to a medley of songs on his stereo including Twisted Sister (my training is working :bounce::dance:)

There's never an excuse not to have a rack and 4x12 in your life - I'm looking forward to seeing DrH's updates!
I actually use the White Noise function built into the baby camera we have. Not always, only when he has trouble falling asleep. I used to have a deaf neighbour, but he moved. I also really don't want to use the space at home for big amps and cabs. This works for me. It doesn't bother anybody.