Project Fitness, Group effort? Whose up for it?


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I've had stomache flu for a week. Lost about 3kg's. Does that count?
This year I ran..
45 times, for a total of 30 hours and 209km burning 25125kcal
The really hot summer and sucky end of the year killed my average.
Next year I want to run 2 times a week regardless of time and distance.
I've ran to the toilet about 5 times a day for the last week. Does that count as well?:p


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Monthly check-in.

I started working in December. And I went almost straight into overtime - working 10 - 12 hours a day.
Which had a dampening effect on my will to do ... well ... anything :D ... and also ... it was fucking December ... :rolleyes:

But I still managed to do a 3K and one 5K. So I consider that a succes.

No extra weight lifting. My work is rather physical ... around 16K steps on average and a lot of heavy lifting so I consider that good also.

The next month and a half will also see a lot of work even in the weekends. So I set my expectations for training low.


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Funnily enough, I'm still weighing in at fourteen stone after Christmas - who'd have thunk?

I want to feel a little 'healthier' but have no hard and fast plan to adopt a specific diet or embark upon an organised training schedule but do intend to commit to a few basic little changes:

Eat foodstuff that's less crap (after the Christmas over-stock is gone)
Eat smaller quantities
Stop eating late in the evening
Reduce number of takeaway / junk food consumed monthly in exchange for taking my wife out for a meal (or maybe she can take me out for a meal?)
Go out for a walk a few nights a week - just a couple of miles.

Tinkle on the guitar every night - even if only a few minutes. I am convinced this will be the critical factor in dropping a few pounds.


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I've got these workout disks that worked so well for me last time, literally all that I was missing was a chin-up bar and some adjustable dumbbells.

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, neither of these are problems any longer.

I start next week. Initial weigh-in will commence at that time.

I'm also switching around my diet - I want to try a bit of emulating Japanese culture and their eating styles - lots of rice, noodles, soups, vegetables/fruits, a little bit of protein, and wayyyy lower portion sizes.

Those who know me know that this is in stark contrast to my previous way of eating (keto), but I want to put to the test the myth that there's only one way to achieve the goal.

Let's see what happens, shall we?


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First weigh-in!
It was a short week but my WW app wants me to weigh on tuesday.
Current weight: 107.5kg
result since start -0,5kg

I ran 2 times last week for a total of 10km.

I was within my points limit for most days. My fitness points made up for what I used extra so I didn't dip into my week extra. I'm not sure how that's going to turn out next week but we'll see. More important.. I had about half the alchohol I used to drink and cut back severely on potatoe chips. Knowing I have to do with a small bowl makes me spread them out over the evening and at some point I was actually full.
So I'm pretty happy with my start!
@mirage2101 Congratulations on making a start, that's great! I hope you don't mind if I offer some constructive advice based on what you wrote...
I had about half the alchohol I used to drink and cut back severely on potatoe chips. Knowing I have to do with a small bowl makes me spread them out over the evening and at some point I was actually full.
I lost 15 kilos from October 2018 to October 2019 (105 to 90 kg). A couple have gone back on but I'm now getting back into a stricter routine again with a view to getting down to something like 86 kg. I don't think I can expect to get much lower than that with my current musculature and general lifestyle, but that would be great (I know it still seems heavy but I have a fair amount of muscle mass).

What concerns me in what you wrote is that the two things you mentioned are what people often call "empty calories", i.e. foodstuffs with plenty of calories but little extra nutritional value. This generally includes sugary things like sweets, biscuits, fruit juice, non-diet fizzy drinks (sodas) and alcohol, as well as starchy staples like potatoes and rice. In my view, what you're doing is a reasonable strategy for stopping the rot, i.e. staying where you are instead of continuing to gain weight. If you want to lose weight, you should think about cutting out all of the empty calories and replacing them with alternatives that have fewer calories and more nutritional value. Alcohol is essentially pure badness for a diet and you should cut it out as much as possible (perhaps a good aim is to limit any alcohol consumption to one or two days a week, and not every day), and potato chips (crisps) are also very bad. I would try replacing them with something like a portion of mixed nuts, or possibly dried fruits. This is the principle that I've used to lose weight, and I've been pretty successful. I've also done things like eating from the salad bar at work for lunch rather than having a full meal, and replacing some meals by protein shakes and bars.

The bad news is also that these changes really need to be permanent rather than just a temporary diet, otherwise when you come off your diet you will go back to your normal eating patterns and the weight will go back on. The diet needs to become your new norm!

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I had about half the alchohol I used to drink and cut back severely on potatoe chips. Knowing I have to do with a small bowl makes me spread them out over the evening and at some point I was actually full.
Also eating too quickly can be a real problem. It takes time for the 'full' message to get through from the stomach to the brain. I find it difficult on busy work days to not 'stuff and run' during the day.


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@GloopyJon Thanks for the writeup!
You're absolutely right about alchohol and chips/crisps. I limited both to two days and severely limited how much of both I had. Instead of having 4 bags for the weekend we had 1.5 and instead of 3 bottles of wine it was 1 and two beers. The rest of the week I won't have either of them. To be honest this is where it went wrong the past 6 months. I had snacks almost every evening.

In general diet terms, sweets and soda's are out already. Weight watchers promotes the right type of carbs over white rice or potatoes. I've been making new recipe's since last week. My current challenge is to get a couple of good recipe's in standard rotation and weed out some of the lesser ones. The hard part is not to default to those dishes when I get home from work tired and just slide into routine mode. Another one is lunch at work. We have a large seletion of bread and cheese etc. But nothing really healthy. So I'm planning to make salads and soups at home for the week.

In the long run I don't see myself giving up snacks or alchohol completely. But I was overdoing it on both. I'd like to get to a point where I just have a healthy diet during the week so I can allow myself something in the weekend.

@Magnus Pym Eating too quickly was a huge revelation this weekend. I'm going to experiment with this. Maybe use smaller plates so I have to go for seconds if I want to eat more. The additional time before finishing the first plate and getting a second might make a difference there.


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Well the eating side of things is marginally less rubbish but I've managed a 'brisk walk' (I AM NOT FEKIN RUNNING!) lat night and tonight.

Five miles over two eveneings at about 3.5 mph (I know - like that mexican cartoon mouse, aren't I?).:dance:

Odd how a couple of short walks in fresh air has already made me feel, generally, a bit better already

Specifically speaking, my feet, calves and shins disagree:facepalm: