Project Fitness, Group effort? Whose up for it?


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Hello guys and gals. I owe this forum soo much, without the support of other members i'd still be puffing away on cigarettes. And for that I'm eternally grateful, the moral support of others enabled me to kick the habit.
Basically I dont even think about sparking up again ever :D So......

Taking all of that into consideration, I know a few guys on here (myself included) are struggling to lose weight or maintain a healthy mindset. I know Alpheus has a thread on here, about his efforts. And chappers himself looks like he's lost a fair few stone. And the support from others is what makes this such a great forum. So..... I was thinking, what if we put all our eggs into one basket? By giving eachother encouragement? Post status updates and all that. Target weight and all that? What do you guys think?
Otherwise I think im going to end up on another crazy diet


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Not a bad idea mate. On the UKClimbing forum they have a regular thread every Friday where members post what they have done during the previous week, achievement & lessons learned and plans for the following week.

It's a great time of year to get motivated as the weather is improving. My personal hobby of choice for fitness is biking. The weather is good and the days are longer, I find mountain biking a really good way to relax and put the miles in. I am aiming to do the South Downs way in 2 days this year so have been building up the miles to achive that.

In addition to a thread you/any one interested could join something like Endomondo:

It's phone app that you can use to track your route, pace, miles travelled etc and sticks it into a calander and google earth. You can add your mates and see what they are doing and set up your own route to maintain/improve your times. It's little things like this that I have found keep me motivated.


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I'm in, but not going for the whole 'calorie counting' because I'm not actually trying to lose weight (technically underweight right now) - just cut my bodyfat percentage... been swimming 3x20min sessions a week since the start of April, going to start pushing up to 3x30min soon...


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I'm up for something like that, accountability, encouragement, etc. :)

I've managed to get in to a good routine/habit it seems now:

Mon/Weds/Fri: Strength training with body weight and some free weights
Tues/Thurs: Cardio on the bike with High Intensity Interval Training if I'm not too knackered. Some Thursdays I'll walk in to town instead as it's late night shopping.
Sat/Sun it really depends on how I feel, I usually at least go for a walk, but some stretching to work out the kinks from the week is usually beneficial. I'm tempted to throw in a yoga session on the weekends...

I don't seem to be losing much weight at the moment, but seem to be (slowly) lowering body fat and gaining strength/muscle. I'm not fussed about a target weight to be honest, just being healthier and fitter!

I'm in, but not going for the whole 'calorie counting' because I'm not actually trying to lose weight (technically underweight right now) - just cut my bodyfat percentage... been swimming 3x20min sessions a week since the start of April, going to start pushing up to 3x30min soon...
My understanding is that in order to burn body fat, you need to be at a calorific deficit. Just keeping the protein intake high to maintain lean mass and cutting down on carbs should do it. Coupled with exercise of course.


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Cool beans guys! I've ballooned up to just under 16st, at 6ft I can carry the weight off (you know to look at, people generally dont consider me fat), but the level of fitness is the thing which sickens me. I want to ideally get down to 13-14st. I really want to do at least an hours exercise a day (more for peace of mind, first thing in the morning) I have no real excuses not to do it, I dont smoke and i barely drink at all these days. It's just getting my fat ass in gear! I have means to do it I am slowly getting back into kung fu and i have a decent set of kettle bells and I have the intellect to know really what's good and bad food. My goal really is to get to 15st by the end of may.
As other users may know I will be getting a decent hybrid bike soon (i think it's going to be a boardman hyrid team second hand). I really enjoy cycling i find it very peaceful, and having access to many cycle paths and owning a bike rack for the car, i have no real excuse. So can anybody recommend any decent bike trails? Around 30 miles max atm. Once again thanks for all the support. Lets do this!

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I'm up for this one boys (and girls).

I'm probably just a step ahead of DrJazzTrap - 16 stone for years, I've recently got down to 14st 11 so there's progress there. Working on my running as I'm doing the Manchester 10k at the end of May.

Then it's all about the beast, aiming for Total Warrior in August. Rawr!!!


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I'm at about 14st, my skinniest was 12st at Uni but I let myself get far too thin... felt weak etc. Have been doing some casual weight training since Feb and it's been going well, switching to compound movements now that I know about good form etc. Only have 100 pounds in weight available to use, which is the downside!


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The metabolism is what does me in, when i was in college i was 11 stone, built like a racing snake. And yet my daily diet was

three custard slices
four mcshite cheeseburgers
chocolate milkshake

I was working in a pet shop part time, so i guess running around honking 25kg bags of bird food helped! But yeah my 9-5 is pretty sedate, damn desks. I do have the odd weakness, chocolate being my main vice. Not really bars and bars of it. But my dad worked for cadburys, so we always had chocolate in the house and yeah i could quite easily finish an alarming amount of chocolate. Hopefully with being a bit more active, going back to kung fu and getting out on the bike (eventually cycling to work) i can get back to what i used to be!
People tell me it's age, these things happen. To be frank i think thats bollocks to an extent, i train with guys far fitter than me, no different in age or build. It's just the age old adage of "eat less, more around more". :D


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This is well-timed, as I would definitely like to lose weight. I'm at around 230 lbs. (which is a bit over 16st according to my conversion app), which is too much for my 5'6" (167cm) frame. Plus, in mid-July I will be best man at a college friend's wedding, so I would like to lose some weight for that. I need to get back to doing the Zombies, Run! 5K training program, and I'd like to add some weight work as well. Hopefully I can make it down to under 180 lbs. or so.


All help is appreciated!

I lost a LOT of weight when I first started college, from where I was in High School.
This is me about 20. A hair under 6'2" I was 195lb. Which was down about 70lb from when I was 18.

I'd like to get back to around 200-210 lbs. That's a long term goal.